2.3 Bn Orca dies (very slowly) to a Nereus in highsec.


Some days just throw up classics. One of the many channels I have open in game is some aussie wormholers who regularly invite me to various shenanigans if I happen to be on early in the day.

Today it was the story of an overconfident orca pilot in highsec who lost his ship to the famous battle Nereus — for those of you who don’t know the fit I’m not spilling the beans here.

Lodestone Toyee is the hero of the story and was messing about in highsec to see what trouble he could cause. He started by shooting up an MTU belonging to the Orca pilot not expecting anything to come of it, for the rest of the story I’ll hand you over to him.

I come back in my trusty nereus and loot some wrecks the tractor pulled. He has 3 procurers and an orca mining, he assigns all his drones to the orca and agresses me but passive tank nereus is no joke

-I breach his orca’s shields-

Zanith Solette > gg, sorry for trying to attack you
Zanith Solette > please let me live?
Lodestone Toyee > you hurt my ship and feelings

He and I play drone games the entire time, agressing each others drones and killing a few. I lose a few drones thoughout the fight and had my alt abandon some for me to scoop and replenish my stock.

-The grind continues-

I manage to kill his depot, but he managed to anchor it a few seconds earlier and has refit a medium shield booster which greatly slowed the process down. I only have 89 dps.

Zanith Solette > mind saving us both time and let me leave?
Lodestone Toyee > turn off your DC and I will go faster
Zanith Solette > no
Zanith Solette > and i dont want to have to buy another orca
Lodestone Toyee > gf o7

The mail I got started off with this gem of a summary and I couldn’t have put it better. Congratulations on a hilarious kill.

“The timestamps are my witness, this intense fight took over an hour.
It also cost me 6 hobgoblin 2s, 2 conflag S crystals, and a warm dinner.”

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Johnny Twelvebore.

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  • broncodano

    is that a UPS truck..

    or a BATTLE UPS truck….?

    February 21, 2019 at 7:27 PM