Station Egg Scrambled by Doomsday Chef


Logistics pilots are the unsung heros of Eve. I don’t mean those logibros who rep you when your overview glows red and your alarms go off. They at least get some recognition and love in fleet. I am talking about the corp and alliance logistics guys who work behind the scenes silently, tirelessly, bringing in station components and system upgrades, setting up POSes and jump bridges, doing all that boring stuff so that you guys can PVP all day and have somewhere safe to park your ship and lay your head at night.

And sometimes that boring stuff becomes suddenly less boring, as Skelboo of Synergy of Steel found out yesterday when he took his Charon through a jump bridge to a cyno beacon in BWF-ZZ. He was immediately bubbled by a sabre belonging to AzuraCryin of Tactical Narcotics Team.

‘We camped that beacon for three days hoping to catch something,’ AzuraCryin said. ‘They were jumping capitals into system at the station using cyno alts. But there is always that one guy who jumps to the beacon.’

When the Charon appeared, AzuraCryin decloaked and deployed all three of his bubbles ‘to try and spread them as best as I could’ all the while taking damage from POS guns (which eventually destroyed his ship). He called in the target to his corpmate SpeedWeed who cynoed his Ragnarok to a Cheetah at a safe in system. SpeedWeed then warped to a bookmarked tactical off the beacon and doomsdayed the Charon.

‘How did it feel?’ I asked. ‘F****** fantastic!’ was Speedweed’s reply. ‘We came in, raped, and they didn’t even realize what happened.’

‘Yeap, it was worth the hours spent waiting for a fish to come,’ said AzuraCryin.

Inside the Charon was a Minmatar Service Outpost Platform worth 14 billion isk which did not drop, a station egg thoroughly scrambled. SpeedWeed then related how he waited out his 30 second immobility timer and warped off. He spent the next 10 minutes bouncing around system before being able to jump out to safety.

‘We saw two ships with probing bonus undock but no probes on Dscan,’ said AzuraCryin.

He added that he made a couple of mistakes during those three days where he warped to the beacon and was seen by Synergy players. Yet still the Charon pilot jumped to the beacon. We can only speculate why. Perhaps he did not know about a sabre in system. Perhaps he knew but was counting on help to arrive to save him if he was tackled. If so he miscalculated. Skelboo was not available for comment at time of writing.

This was not the first time SpeedWeed has brought doomsday destruction to his enemies. And no doubt it will not be the last. Scrambled egg anyone?

This article originally appeared on, written by Ion Blacknight.

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