SpeedWeed’s Ragnarok Down in Placid


On December 19 at 01:50 EVE time, in the system of Grispire in Placid, SpeedWeed of Snuffed Out finally lost his driveby Ragnarok worth 113.2B ISK to Pandemic Legion. SpeedWeed, who is well known by the locals for doing drive-by doomsdays on capital ships, has stacked up quite the kill list and was starting to be named “uncatchable” by many. He has also managed to kill a few Goonswarm Federation dreadnoughts over the past month, as the Imperium fleets brought few if any heavy interdictors to their POS shoot fleets in the region.

This driveby would have gone just like the rest: cyno up, jump in, DD, warp out. However, this time an old grudge and a Snuffed Out awoxxer named fmhaaaaaaaaaa would be the death of SpeedWeed’s titan.

As seen in the video, when the Ragnarok jumped in, he was immediately pointed by a hictor within his own alliance and a second cyno went up. Capital ships were jumped in and the rest is killmails. Both SpeedWeed and the awoxxer were available for comment.

The Awoxxer

fmhaaaaaaaaaa: So it all started a long time ago when I was in Shadow Cartel. There were some joint operations we did with Snuff every now and then and I disliked all the EU elitism from Snuff on our comms. Then when I moved to OE there were some nasty cheap shots when were fighting SC and they would join up with Snuff, making everything unpleasant.

TMC: So you were the ‘disgruntled employee’ and wanted to stab them back? Where did you go from there?

F: When OE broke up and the corp What Could Go Wrong (3MIN) had apparently joined Snuff, I was delighted to learn I could enter Snuff via 3MIN. Even better was my pilots lack of ability to pilot the required armor, turret based ships they asked for. I managed to weasel my way into 3MIN without even applying on the forums for others to see.

TMC: Now you are in Snuffed Out and ready to set something on fire. How did you single out SpeedWeed’s titan as your target?

F: Normally people are suspicious around a new guy, let alone one who didn’t even have a forum application. I first set him up with this kill, a chimera. I was astonished to see a titan pilot jump blindly into a system onto an ‘aggressed’ carrier without knowing who the pilot was, who else was in local and who the hell I was. So then I realised, wow, I might not even have to build my way up very far. I might even be able to just poke this guy on TS every now and then about how I ‘barely missed’ another carrier. Meanwhile I was buying up Onyxes on my alt so that PL would have some in system too. The problem was, 3MIN had all my APIs, but I thought well, if they didn’t even make me apply to the forum, they might not notice the sneaky contracts. So, I changed one of my alt’s API to allow character access only and set up the contracts to PL.

TMC: And you trap was set! You just poked him again and he took the bait?

F: Yeap! From there I had PL heavy interdictors and my other character in a safe spot, I got him in fleet, he blindly jumped in onto an ‘aggressed’ carrier, I dropped advert and cyno up! We butchered the titan.

TMC: Thank you for comments. It is pretty funny that you could accomplish this with only being in Snuff for 20 days.

The Titan Pilot

SpeedWeed: I will start with the loss mail. For a couple of days this fmhaaaa individual was saying that he will be hunting carriers. Yesterday (Dec 18) he was doing it again, but I wasn’t home. Just before I lost my Ragnarok, he pings me on TS and says something like, “Be on in a couple of hours, that carrier pilot from yesterday might be on.” Fifteen minutes before I died he pings me again, said the carrier was on, and then he is waiting. So, I get on the login screen and start buring my own scouts and eyes to check out the situation.

TMC: Did you not think anything was fishy about the situation? You had your own eyes there.

SW: Well, four minutes later he calls out that the Thanatos is on scan and he is probing. This is strange because the Thanatos should have been docked up and he should have seen it undock. We go over how the cyno will be lit and find that the carrier was in a fortress mission, which means a cyno can go up within the site.

TMC: And that was your death?

SW: Yeap. I’m like, “alright, you seem setup, lets go!” So I jump in, start locking the Thanatos, immediately a secondary cyno goes up and he (fmhaaaaaa) points me.

TMC: Did you at least DD the Thanatos?

SW: Yes I did, but it tanked me at half shields.. which was depressing on its own. Then the blue pilot that pointed me starts to pretend that he didn’t know what was happening saying, “Its a trap! Its a trap” and then he says, “Later dude.” and disconnects from TS.

TMC: Did you not expect anything fishy about a dude that was in Snuff for only 20 days?

SW: No, I didn’t check his history. I was fully aware that it would die one day and I was fine with it, but I didnt not expect it do die in such a lame way. It is a hard ship to catch and they did it. It was always my dream to do a driveby DD in a titan. The first one I did left my hands shaking and my heart pounding. All of the others were just icing on the cake.

TMC: Did you by chance record all of your driveby DDs?

SW: Sure did! They are all available for view here. The latest video of course is the loss.

TMC: Well, we hope you get another Ragnarok and get back out into the fight. Thank you for your time.

SpeedWeed has since returned to flying an Archon in Snuff fleets and is taking donations to buy another titan.

Image use: Lazlow Jones

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Lemba.

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