Kovorix of Matari Exodus [.EXO.] really showcases the raw power of the Omen Navy Issue in the hands of a true pro in this video. Armed only with a T2 fit and a modest clone, Kovorix absolutely lays waste to all comers.

Why the Omen Navy Issue? When the Omen was boosted in Retribution, it suddenly became relevant in cruiser PvP as an armor kiting rig. Odyssey brought the love to the Navy Cruiser realm, bestowing more speed and a range boost. Though it may have lost some damage output and EHP compared with the T1 counterpart, the raw tracking of pulse lasers paired with the range boost really makes this a versatile boat.

Kovorix has this to say about the Omen Navy Issue:

I’ve always looked for a solo ship that can active tank, is fast, and can project damage well, because that allows you to take engagements against many gang types and fight for much longer than a normal buffer fit is able to stay on the field. The new Nomen plus the AAR fits the bill very well, and is also great against tackle. The tank is tiny but the small signature and speed make up for it, and feeling like you’re always on a razor’s edge of death makes it a blast to fly. There really isn’t another ship like it right now in game (unless you have access to a T3 link ship, maybe). If you’re interested in flying it, I suggest you get used to using hotkeys for all your mods (like in the video) and practice manual piloting around, as both of those things are pretty important in getting it to work.

You can find Kovorix and Matari Exodus roaming all over low-sec and null, looking for small gang and solo opportunities. Keep an eye out in your alliance HQ or high-traffic PvP space!

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