Site Update: Advertising Issues


Hello there, I’m Robus, the Senior Dev of the TMC Developer Department.

As with all websites, every site has its ups and down with regards to day to day functionality.  Over the last few days we have received reports of some viewers getting warnings from their security software about possible threats to their PC coming from ads on our site. In the interests of transparency, here’s the lowdown.

Obviously we take any claims like this very seriously, and after a brief investigation and a talk with our advertising partner Blind Ferret Media, we found the source of the problem, which lay with the network serving our ads and was actually affecting multiple sites.

As of today (08/16/2013), with the help of Blind Ferret, we have completely reimplemented code throughout the site that handles the serving of our ads, and we are allowing up to a day for the new configuration to stabilise through the ad network. The problem should be fully solved from then on.

TMC apologises for any inconvenience or concern caused by the behaviour of the site over the last few days. Our website relies on advertising money to keep the servers running day to day, and we acknowledge that our main audience know their way about computers and are viewing ads as a result of actively deciding to disable their adblocking software. We owe it to our readers to make sure that they are not exposed to things like this, and are grateful to everyone who has stuck by all the same.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while we found and fixed the problem, especially those of you who messaged us through the contact form and provided invaluable information in helping us find the source of the problem. We will strive to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Footnote: It will also take a day before the ads we are serving are relevant again, at the moment we’re sort of stuck on the “derp” settings and will get some odd ads. These will go away with time once everything has settled down. Apologies if any of these ads are confusing, but then you may also get a few gems like this.

Be amazed and astounded.

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