Scanning Pre-DevBlog – Some Quality of Life Updates


From the looks of this pre-DevBlog post, there will be some changes coming in August that have been long awaited. Here is a copy of the post for the people who have clicked on too many links in local and are hesitant to do so now.

Hey everyone,

Team Psycho Sisters here with a little post about what we have on Singularity ready for you to test before it all goes live in August.

There will be a devblog coming soon with more details. Ideally this would have been out before now, but summer vacations and everything have delayed it a little.

* When using the “Save Location” option on entries in the Probe Scanner window, the signature ID will now be added automatically to the front of the bookmark name.
* Scanned signatures will now be persisted for the duration of a client session. They will no longer be cleared on a session change for example docking/undocking, jumping wormholes etc

NPC Standings UI:
* There is a new Standings UI. Both tabs are currently active but we will disable the old one before releasing to TQ. We are not touching player to player standings UI at the moment.

Beta Map:
* For some upcoming work we have had to dip into the Beta map code. More details to come once I format them and stick them up here.

We also have defect fixes coming.

If you encounter anything you believe is a bug please submit a bug report. If you are unsure how to submit a bug report, please follow this link and have a read

We really look forward to your feedback and comments.

Team Psycho Sisters

The most important part of this are the changes that will be made to scanning and bookmarking sites.  This is potentially a huge deal for wormholers of all varieties.  People using them for quick travel will now be able to easily find their return route.  Day trippers don’t have to necessarily fill up all of their bookmarks when scanning the sites in a hole since the sites will persist throughout a session.  Even the hardened wormholers that live in w-space and only emerge to trade or raid will benefit from this by the automatically added signature ID to the bookmarks.

The other information is still a little vague and will probably be fleshed out more during the actual devblog once it is released.  In general though, these updates seem to be focused on cleaning things up and making some much sought after changes.

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  • Potter

    So our ship computers are finally being given hard drives? YAY!

    July 20, 2017 at 11:07 PM
  • Nick Ashley

    So if client crashes we lose all sigs anyway? No actual change in gameplay there if true.

    July 22, 2017 at 1:37 PM