Purity of the Throne Event Bug


Tuesday, September 13, saw the release of EVE Online patch 118.8, bringing with it a number of new features, such as mining barge rebalance and retextures and a High Angle Weaponry rebalance. Lore-wise, the main feature was the Purity of the Throne event, tying into the coronation of Empress Catiz Tash-Murkon in a few weeks. The event itself will be covered in more depth in another article. The basic premise, however, is that Ammarian “Purists” believe that Catiz should not be the true Empress, and have taken up arms. Capsuleers are tasked with destroying them by the Empire.

Therein lies the problem. After the patch went live this reddit thread appeared, detailing how capsuleers were losing Amarrian standings for shooting these event rats. This sparked a conversation in the comments about what this would mean for the event until CCP stepped in with this blog post, explaining how they were going to deal with this problem.

In it, CCP Falcon stated that:

“This issue is currently under investigation, and we are looking to apply a fix for it as soon as possible. If you have received erroneous standings penalties after destroying Purity of the Throne ships, please do not file a support ticket or bug report regarding the issue.”

This is reassuring for all players who may have lost Amarrian standings as a result of shooting the rats associated with this event. There will be no long-term standings loss due to this bug.

Hopefully this should be the end of the issues with this event, but with CCP you never know. Now go out there, and get on with killing those purists and collecting those awesome-looking skin drops (unless you value your Ammarian standings this much). I should stress that we do not have an estimated time of this bug being fixed, but current expectations are that the fix may be deployed during downtime on September 14.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Vanessa Guang.

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