Progodlegend has Left Nulli Secunda


Progodlegend, the leader of Nulli Secunda and the FC of many of their operations, has officially left Nulli Secunda after five years with the alliance.

After he left, we were able to contact PGL to give us a short run-down of what he plans on doing now and his reasons for leaving.

The FC and alliance leader has been the face of Nulli for quite a while, and while he has left Nulli, he doesn’t harbor any ill will or hard feelings towards them, stating during our interview with him, “I still love and respect Nulli so don’t expect me to say anything detrimental to them.” During the interview, he indicated that as he is graduating college soon, he feels as though he will not be able to command the fleets and run the alliance like he wishes to. He also had trouble with the nature of the current EVE meta as a part of his reason for leaving, stating that his “heart isn’t in it and hasn’t been for over a year now.”

As to where he is going, PGL is more cryptic. “Just going to chill for a bit,” he says. “I still plan on FCing”. As he finishes out his last year at college, he will also be transititioning into a day job that will take up much of his time. He also criticized the recent Fozziesov developments, claiming that he felt it was stagnating as players log off as they wait for the final changes to come before they really throw their weight behind the new system.

“I always advocated that the phase system was stupid, that it would create a stagnant environment where everyone just waited for the final changes to come, and this would do a lot of damage in the mean time. My suggestion was always to take the time (1 year to 18 months) to push out all the changes as one big giant release, and have an absolute massive marketing push to get many of the old EVE players by saying that this was basically “EVE 2.” Now obviously there’s a debate on whether the past 8 months of EVE have actually been stagnant or not, but regardless that’s how I felt.”

The leaving was difficult for PGL, as he values immensely the friendships and bonds he forged in the group. “Loyalty is something I value over almost everything else (just check my corp history), but building this alliance has always been a source of new knowledge and skills, so hopefully with this decision Nulli has one last life lesson to give me”. He thanks the many friends he made as well:

“To everyone who has been a part of this alliance, you know I appreciate everything y’all have done for me. I won’t name anybody because I know I’ll leave someone out, but there a lot of special people here who have made this all possible, and for that I thank you.”

He also mentioned that Nulli had taught him many life skills, such as public speaking, which he noted was less than stellar when he started, comparing it to “boom goes the dynamite bad.”

Nulli or Goon, PGL is and always will be a great part of EVE, and we wish him the best. We salute you PGL.

This article originally appeared on, written by Vos.

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