On February 12 at 10:03 EVE time in the Khanid system of Upt, Mask Maniac of Brave Collective lost his Erebus. The 127.7B ISK titan fell at the hands of Pandemic Horde, Spaceship Samurai and Waffles while he was moving to BRAVE’s staging system.


PH and friends dropped four dreadnoughts and two carriers on the titan, while a Ferox fleet, presumably led by Gertrude the Goat, was brought to help with the destruction.

RoCkEt X, although not actually part of the kill, did aid the attackers and was able to give us the details of the kill.

TMC: Normally you are behind titan kills in the Pandemic Legion family. What was different about this one?

RoCkEt X: Basically, the Erebus pilot popped up on our radar some time ago when he was in Snuff Box. He liked to shoot towers and DD capitals every now and then. REKKINGLEGION did the usual process of making a thread, forming a plan to kill it, etc. The conclusion was simply that, given the time and resources invested into killing him, it simply wasn’t worth pursuing.

TMC: So you passed it off to someone else?

RX: No. Sumo Sabezan had also been watching him. The target’s corp had left Snuff recently and moved to BADIT. The titan pilot’s main left the corp and joined Brave. Sumo noticed it and figured he’d move to BRAVE’s staging. At this point, he shared the information with Perseus Kallistratos of REKKINGLEGION. Sumo had been tracking the titan for several jumps and between him and PK, they decided the best chance to catch the titan would be in Upt. They were fairly certain he would midpoint there and it was within range of PH’s staging system in A2-.

TMC: Sounds easy enough. That must have been how the PH subcaps got there to help.

RX: Yep. The Erebus jumped in, but made it off the cyno before Sumo’s HIC landed. It began bouncing around system, so Sumo launched probes and after several near misses, he finally managed to land tackle. Then pings went out and PK bridged in more HICs from staging in A2.

TMC: And then poof?

RX: Pretty much, yeah. Sumo is an interesting character. He’s been in Waffles and very active in terms of his contributions to the group’s content. He has also passed intel to us that have led to kills in the past, like this Aeon.

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