Peace in the Northeast


On June 29, it was announced (or leaked, however you interpret it) that the war between Triumvirate. and the Geminate Coalition is over. After a few days of diplomatic meetings and alliance discussions, the two old enemies are set to set each other as allies.

As leader of Triumvirate Garst Tyrell announced in this thread, TRI was a defeated force. With a newly active Legion of xXDEATHXx and their hired hands Nulli Secunda who could match TRI alone in numbers, they had no chance. Because of this, the two sides sought peace and a transfer of assets to make both parties happy. TRI got to keep the space they held, in addition to gaining new systems and resource moons, and gaining a mutual defense treaty with XIX. Triumvirate. is also no longer tied down in a war, and is now able to fly and fight elsewhere without fear of systems falling behind them.

This poses a problem with SOLAR FLEET. SOLAR is an ally of TRI, but bitter enemies with XIX. TRI hopes that SOLAR and XIX can come to an amicable solution, but this is unlikely due to how Russian politics in EVE work. TRI does not want to reset SOLAR but will if they absolutely have to.

Though the war is over and both sides are better off, a well of content has dried up in EVE, to the disappointment of many. This may be how TRI wanted it; constant third partying from Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition. took its toll on morale.

While this war may be finished, new ones are just beginning in Cloud Ring and smaller ones across the South. New ones are bound to spring up as Fozziesov is deployed. Stay tuned.

This article originally appeared on, written by Siaka Stevens

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