Patch Notes for September 22: Balances and Black Ops


CCP have released patch notes for the most recent update to EVE Online and it’s mostly related to rebalancing EDENCOM rewards (and damage), Black Ops ships, and some FAXes in particular.

The DED LP offers for all EDENCOM rewards have LP costs reduced by 90%, as well as a rebalance for their weapons for both damage numbers and mitigation from speed.

All Black Ops battleships have had their fuel bay sizes nearly doubled from 1250 to 2150 and substantial resistance buffs applied. Every Black Ops battleship has had at least four resistances buffed, generally two shield resistances and two armor, with anywhere from 10% to 27% buff for the Panther’s EM Shield resistance. The Marshal, as the lone exception, sees all four shield and all four armor resistances buffed from 33% to 40% across the board.

The Ninazu and Lif each see their primary repair/boost buff, armor and shield respectively, go from 7.5% repair/boost to 7.5% repair/boost and cap booster amount.

Lastly, three new EDENCOM skins have been added and some Abyssal Deadspace NPCs have been rebalanced.

Elsewhere, CCP released the new episode of EVE Pulse. They remind players that soon, EDENCOM and the Triglavians will begin offering their reward skins to players who achieved certain standings with each side. Additionally, Quantum Cores have gone online for newly deployed citadels and they’ve announced the new Abyssal Proving Ground dates.

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