Pamfam Engages Russian Fleets in HED-GP


The Stage

On February 13, just after 18:00 EVE time, in the Catch system of HED-GP, forces from Soviet-Union, The Afterlife, LowSechnaya Sholupen, and The Initiative engaged Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde, Waffles, and Spaceship Samurai. The 85B ISK engagement lasted for just over two hours, running form 18:07 to 20:10 Eve time.

The Fleets

Pandemic Legion and Pandemic Horde fielded over three hundred pilots flying fifty Typhoons, eighty Feroxes, ninety-four T3 strategic cruisers, two Archons and three squads of stealth bombers. Soviet-Union and friends fought back with 217 Typhoons and Tempests, fifty battlecruisers, sixty T3 strategic cruisers, one Archon and a 25-man Cerberus gang.

Personal Account

Raven7032 of Soviet-Union was available for comment on the two-hour brawl and in an email, he gave TMC the details.

He stated:

“It all started due to a TCU timer in F4R. It was reinforced by PH and before that we had a fight with PL in the same system for the iHub.”

The battle in F4R lasted just under fifteen minutes, and was a great victory for the Russians. During the engagement, INIT and Soviet-Union fielded Machariels and Cerberuses respectively, destroying 21.3B ISK. Pandemic Legion attacked with a Proteus fleet, but lost the fight, only destroying 1B ISK.

He continued:

“So, we formed around 1700 ET. PL and PH had formed as well. Nothing interesting was happening, so we jumped into HED-GP and defended the timer. Hoping for a fight, we waited on the Keberz gate for PL or PH to show up. When they showed up there wasn’t much we could do against their firewall battleships, but we ended up killing one of them.

We managed to kill the PH Ferox fleet and they reshipped into Typhoons, which was wiped out again. Props to PL, as there was no way we could break the Proteus fleet under triage support. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and put my fleet too close to the Proteii and we started dropping rather quickly.

Our biggest problem during the fight was that we had no webs or target painters. Second to that, our triage carriers disconnected from the very beginning and PL dropped my command ship. The fight was really good and next time I think we will do much better.”

Overall, the strategic objective had been won by the Russian group. However, Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde and their friends ran away with the ISK war, destroying two times as much as the Russians in terms of ISK killed.

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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