On 13 February at around 2230 EVE Time, in the Querious system of T8H-66, Pandemic Horde, Pandemic Legion, Waffles, and Suddenly Spaceships completely obliterated an armor battleship fleet and its Archon support group. However, the loss of the entire fleet passed with a celebratory cheer! Know Your Role, a corporation within League of Unaligned Master Pilots (LUMPY), was celebrating their one-year anniversary and decided to embark on a suicide roam. The birthday roam resulted in two large engagements: First, in P-ZMZV and the final fight in T8H-66.


A member of LUMPY posted this on Reddit after the engagements:

“Know Your Role is a german corporation in the alliance LUMPY (League of Unaligned Master Pilots).

We celebrated our first anniversary with a suicide roam through the best content region in New Eden, Querious.

Good fight(s), and thanks for everybody to show up!”

Based solely off the battle reports from both fights, LUMPY fielded a total of at least thirteen Archons, nearly sixty battleships and some EW support. During the fight in P-ZMZV, Northern Army showed up in Feroxes with a small fleet of bombers, while RUCA Emperor came in a sizeable Hurricane fleet, and Brave Collective attacked with Augoror Navy Issues. Once in T8H-66, Pamfam pounced on the celebratory fleet, assaulting with two Erebuses, five dreadnoughts, two carriers, a PH Typhoon fleet and a Proteus fleet from PL. This fight would be the end of the road for LUMPY’s roam.


Overall, LUMPY lost 45B ISK throughout the two engagements, while dealing out 600M ISK in damages in P-ZMZV and taking out 2.1B ISK in T8H-66. Both sides of the fights seemed to be very happy with the outcome, with many pilots wishing Know Your Role a happy birthday. What will they do next year? I guess we have to wait another twelve months and see.

From TMC,
Happy Birthday, K-Y-R!

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