New Scope Video Shows More Of Operation Frostline


In this latest video from The Scope Alton Haveri reports news of ORE technology having been stolen by the Serpentis Corporation. The theft of such technology included the first in their upcoming “Frostline” series; the “Endurance”. According to The Scope, Serpentis have made way with the first prototype BPCs, as well as blueprints to their newest ice mining lasers. This attack is likely a response to OREs ownership recently changing hands to the Upwell Consortium.

There is great speculation as to why this new mining technology was stolen by Serpentis, and if it is perhaps part of a greater plan to develop its own mining technology, or simply to secure the market when production of these new ships are released. The branding of “Frostline” has been in production since before ORE control was lost by Serpentis, so this is perhaps a mission of reclaiming the technology they feel is rightly theirs. The reasons this tech is so valued by the Serpentis organization is still very much unknown.

Some amazing insight into this recent turn of events has been put together by Ashterothi via Crossing Zebras. Their November 26 article overviews the main players, and gives a much needed history lesson that helps make visible what may be actually unfolding. It contains some wonderful points for those fascinated by EVE lore, however as a forewarning does contain some spoilers via data/images taken from the test server. When asked in an interview he speculated :

“I think there are three pieces in play:
1) It was an ice mining frigate,
2) Shattered wormholes contain ice, and many are only frigate sized
3) New drifter based boosters are coming, and the Serpentis love their drugs.”

Does this mean the Frostline ships are designed to help Serpentis keep their choke hold on the drug/booster market? Does this mean Serpentis may be working on a new line of boosters to compete with those of drifter origin? Only time will reveal their true motives.

The new frigate “Endurance” is to be the first iteration from “Frostline”. This mining frigate is specialized for covert, and small scale ice mining operations in hostile environments. This ship is meant to be the first in its class of frigate ice miners, and has been developed in tandem with a new frigate sized ice mining module. These ships have a uniquely tailored role to mine ice in shattered wormhole systems, something until now a role that no other ice mining ship could fill.

Much like The Crimson Harvest, Operation Frostline will spawn sites that play with this new exciting piece of EVE’s lore. What the true spoils of these sites will be is still unknown, much like the intentions of both Serpentis and Upwell. The sites are currently available on singularity, and can be seen in this video by Ashterothi.  Currently the Operation Frostline event is scheduled to begin on the 8th of Decemeber.

New content is on the horizon for capsuleers of New Eden, and TMC will bring you more information as it unfolds.

This article originally appeared on, written by Wolf Merrik.

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