NCdot, PL and Horde move to evict CO2 from Tribute


On September 25, NCdot forces moved their supercapital contingent of titans and supercarriers to KQK1-2 on the edge of Pure Blind. A directional-scan of their fleet showed a plethora of armor supers and support force auxiliaries, with a variety of carriers and dreadnoughts in tow.

NCdot Moves – Final DEST Revealed from Eve

NCdot’s Capital Force Moving to the edge of Pure Blind

The invasion of Tribute by “PanFam” the collective of PL, NCdot, and Horde is a clear sign the Money Badger Coalition (MBC), formerly composed of PL, NCdot, Horde, CO2, TEST, TISHU, OSS and others, is over. The MBC together invaded and conquered Imperium-held northwest regions, including Deklein and Pure Blind, earlier this year.

Since then, PL has been most notably farming TEST supercarrier ratters in the northern regions, increasing tensions between former MBC allies. Weeks ago, PL, NCdot, Horde attacked CO2 in a significant capital ship battle in SH1-6P, and destroyed keepstar of a CO2 ally, only a day later. Now, with two sides of the MBC fighting each other, PL, NCdot, Horde (and possibly TISHU) against CO2, TEST and OSS, the massive anti-Imperium coalition is over.


Members of CO2, TEST, and the general EVE community were quick to post their comments on PL, NCdot, and Horde invasion of Tribute to reddit.

Ducktruck_OG exclaimed, “I just think its a really strange way to delcare war. You don’t need to say that they are good neighbors, or say you are declaring that you are just gonna hit these 2 constellations for the true-sec and routes. Just declare war, tell them to prepare their buttholes or whatever, and go at it.

Meanwhile dumbledore_ stated, “So PanFam coerced Co2 out of their merc contract in dronelands, threatening to take Tribute if Co2 don’t comply – and when Co2 complied, they’ll take Tribute anyway. There’s something irresistibly charming about the lack of tact in PanFam politics.

WDadade elaborated further, “So CO2 was an ally of Pandemic Horde from a previous war a few months back. Now that the mutual enemy has been defeated and the alliances both settled into their new homes, Pandemic Horde decided to declare war on CO2. This was mostly done because of Pandemic Horde’s sister alliance Pandemic Legion decided to attack CO2. Pandemic Legion is considered to be the strongest alliance in the game. They have a very large Super Capital fleet. Pandemic Legion’s closest ally and forever-blue (best friends forever basically) Norther Coalition. (NC.) has also joined Pandemic Legion in the attack on CO2. Not wanting to miss out on the action and an opportunity to get new space for its members, Pandemic Horde has decided to follow its sister alliance into war. This may be considered a ‘dick move’ by many, but to them we ask ‘what is this game without grudges and war?

NCdot FC’s playdown the politics saying simply, winter is here and it is time to campaign. CO2 sits on a major part of Tribute, a moon-rich area that NCdot has owned in the past when they were leading the DotBros coalition years ago. With C02 having completed their titan builds, the time is right to march on their territory, the same territory they flipped sides to protect earlier this year.

The reality is NCdots massive super fleet has to be used or it will atrophy, and CO2, when backed by allies, has proven to fight back. To successfully defend this time they are going to need more allies.

Calling for help

CO2 and TEST have been quick to unleash a propaganda counter-defense that largely shows PL, Horde and NCdot as an oppressive tyrant, a tactic used against The Imperium earlier this year.




Will propaganda be enough to keep line members in for a long fight? Or will we see a logistical retreat by CO2 and TEST?

 The March of War is on the Doorstep of Tribute

The outcome of this war is anything but certain. Will CO2, TEST and company persevere against the large numbers of supercapitals to be fielded against them? Will they be saved by recruiting enough fighters to hold the line? Or will a logistical retreat be the wiser option. Even so, if a retreat were perpetrated, where would they go? If CO2 and TEST are able to push off PamFam, how will the dynamics of null sec change globally? has reached out to representatives from TEST and CO2 for comment and will update with their responses in due course. Please stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled to the Tribute killboard as the war ramps up!

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