NC. Awoxes Erebus in Sakht



On February 6 at 00:46 EVE time, Northern Coalition killed one of its own titans. SuchABeaty Kondor lost his 107B ISK titan to his own corpmates and alliance members flying an Erebus, Revenant, two other supercarriers, two dreadnoughts, and a mixture of subcaps.



Screenshots on a reddit post show that the main character of the titan, mannyman, had posted on forums expressing anger towards his alliance for not recognizing his PVP participation. He claimed that he was flagged ‘red’ for not participating in as many fleets as they would like. This is because he normally flies logistics ships and, as one reddit poster stated, NC does not use a PAP link system like the Imperium, but bases activity off killboards.

Apparently in a mad fit, mannyman decided he was going to jump his titan out and suicide it, possibly to LSH. Not wishing to lose a titan, many members in NC tried to talk him out of it, even going as far as to offering to buy it from him and asking for him to jump out to leave the corp. He refused and a decision was made by the leadership in NC to kill him instead. Since the kill, HIFI has removed mannyman from the corp.


“So what happened isnt close to what the reddit thread says. He was never going to be kicked originally, Someone in corp made an automated spreadsheet that pulled corp killboard statistics and people below a certain percent were highlighted in red via the automated spreadsheet. Said titan pilot saw his name highlight becuase he flew logi and didnt get on many killmails and lost his shit.

He started raging that we were going to kick him becuase hes marked red, claiming that this was an insult to all logi pilots and this culminated in several directors trying to assure him it meant absolutely nothing. He was perfectly fine and not going to be kicked or anything. It was just that the spreadsheet only took killboard stats into effect nothing more.

He refused to believe them, ranted in alliance forums for some reason despite it being a corp issue, lost his shit in corp and alliance chat and on teamspeak. Everyone spent about 5+ hours straight trying to calm/talk him down and then he ultimatly said he was going to take his titan out while in corp and feed it to the local lowsec russians just to screw over corp/alliance stats all becuase his name was highlighted in red. Then he would proceed to post on multiple outlets all of our alliance/corp intel. People still kept trying to talk him down, but he refused to listen.

He then logged in his titan. The tower was offlined and he was pointed to keep him from jumping. We then informed him that if he were to hop out of the titan and drop corp he could then go whelp it to whoever he wanted to. He refused to listen or calm down so the online leadership made the call to kill it rather than let him pointlessly feed it to the lowsec dwellers. Afterwards he backtracked and tried to claim he was bluffing the whole time and he was never really going to do it and it’s all our fault, as we secretly had something against him.

All-in-all, it came down to a dude everyone in corp liked losing his shit–making threats that people took seriously and then claiming troll after people reacted. No one wanted to do this, everyone liked him, he was even part of the corp at EVE Vegas this year, having flown all the way from Europe to come. We dont know why he lost his mind, but hes now out of corp and not talking to anyone.”

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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