Moracha down in Verge Vendor


A Moracha belonging to Paquito of Immortalis Inc., a member of the Shadow Cartel alliance, was demolished on September 30 at approximately 17:30 Eve time. The loss occurred in Hevrice, a part of the Verge Vendor constellation of Obray. The kill clocked in at nearly 128 billion ISK, more than most properly fit titans. If the price of the sole Moracha on the Jita marketplace is any indication, the true figure could be much higher.

The ship is a prize from Alliance Tournament XI, and notably few have been lost — three, according to zKillboard. However, the ship is nothing to be messed with. Sporting bonuses such as a bonus to webifier range (30% bonus per level of Recon Ships, similar to the Rapier) along with bonuses to turret damage (30% per level of Minmatar cruiser) and falloff (15% extra per level of Gallente cruiser), plus the ability to fit a Covert Ops cloak makes this ship one tough nut to crack and a really solid strong fighting platform on paper.

Previous kills of this ship have shown people using a kiting setup to take advantage of the web bonuses. However, the Moracha’s ability to fight at range is a weakness; it is entirely possible to kill the ship by getting in close if the pilot is not careful. The rarity of the ship, along with the fact that it doesn’t really see combat in many cases, means that it is a prized killmail to be on.

However, unlike previous kills where a lone frigate paid for itself several thousand times over, this kill appears to be a joint effort. Two Proteuses, a Curse, and a gaggle of stealth bombers featured on the mail, with pilots coming from Rapid Withdrawal, Black Fox Marauders, Spaceship Bebop, and AEGIS Assembly.

TMC has reached the related parties for more information regarding this kill and will update this article if information comes along.

This article originally appeared on, written by Vos.

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