MEMOM Koreans Drop Capital Fleet in N-DQ0D


The Stage

On February 28, in the Great Wildlands system of N-DQ0D, AMC of Memento Moriendo engaged a Euphoria Pharmaceuticals capital fleet. The 42B ISK engagement began as EU4IA jumped capital ships onto the Korean battleships. AMC counter-dropped with capitals and eventually two supercarriers.

The Fleets and Personal Account

EU4IA jumped four dreadnoughts, five carriers, and several battleships and battlecruisers, while AMC brought in a Nyx, an Aeon, eight dreadnoughts, one Archon, two Bhaalgorns, and several HICs.

TMC reached out to Arablo, the CEO of AMC, for comment on the skirmish.

TMC: This drop kind of came out of nowhere! What caused this fight?

Arablo: It is quite simple: we baited their battleships, and they brought capitals. A couple of weeks ago, we were hitting E.B.O.L.A., a German alliance. They were pretty annoyed with us while we were in Scalding Pass. Then our alliance CEO, TF20AlchemyX, asked us to go back to the Great Wildlands and hit their towers as they were hitting ours.

TMC: How did this lead to your fight with EU4IA?

A: EU4IA was blue to us and was left in GW for a couple of months. After we went back to GW, we immediately started hitting EBOLA’s towers and gave intel to EU4IA. EU4IA was losing battles against EBOLA, so they were excited that we were there to help. About three days after we started hitting the POSes, we had a tower that needed to be finished, but it was coming out in US TZ. EU4IA went for that tower and asked us for help. EU4IA proceeded to drop ten capitals without any support on the tower while Feign Disorder and INIT were a few jumps out.

TMC: Were you all not able to help them?

A: We informed EU4IA and sent them messages to stop moving capitals, as they were still moving to hit EBOLA’s POS. They didn’t listen to us and kept moving through gates. As soon as EU4IA landed on EBOLA’s POS, Feign and INIT subcaps arrived and started a fight. There were many communications problem. We dropped a few subcaps and two Archons to aid them, but we lost them during that brawl. MEMOM decided to reset EU4IA, as they were completely useless.

TMC: I see, you reset them and then started hunting their fleets?

A: Right. So we killed a few of them for a few days, but then right before the capital fight, they baited us in a Dominix.  He warped to the NIH gate, which is the system next to N-DQ, and we chased him with two Bhaalgorns and a couple of HICs/DICs. We landed on the NIH gate with the Domi and our Sabre jumped through first and reported a twenty-man fleet on the other side. EU4IA came in and bubbled us, but as soon as their capitals went into siege mode, our capitals started to undock and supers were logged on. We didn’t jump the supers in at first, as we didn’t know who was coming to help them, but we eventually did bring them in.

TMC: Sounds like it was a lot of fun! Thanks again for the details of the fight!

The Cost

EU4IA lost all of its capitals and most of its subcaps during the fight for an estimated ISK lost of 29.2B ISK, while AMC lost four capital ships for a total of about 13.5B ISK.

Photo: Credit to Lazlow Jones’ Fabulous Space Photography

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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