Liveblog: FWST-8 Keepstar Part 2


Following up from last night’s fight, PAPI and Imperium forces have gathered once again in FWST-8 as the second Keepstar comes out of anchoring.

As of 1741 Eve Time, there are 6315 in local, with the Keepstar timer ticking down. TiDi is at meltdown level, and fighting is just beginning. INN is covering the fight with Brisc Rubal, Sven Kion, LT Maxino and Dirk Stetille.

This could potentially be an hours-long battle, and we will keep you updated as the evening goes on.

As of 1744 the Keepstar timer is paused. Brisc is on field in a Raven trying to fire his missiles while on stream. TiDi is making the missile cycles very slow.

1751: Keepstar still paused, with 97% remaining, possible incoming Imperium bombing run on the Keepstar.

1755: The server hamsters are on fire, disconnects are being reported. Tidi is impacting modules on both sides. Imperium has Rokhs, Ravens, Gnosises on the field. PAPI have Munnins, Eagles and Jackdaws.
PAPI have had problems opening Cynos, but they have now managed to open a cyno, and a titan bridge has opened up, so possibly more ships incoming.

1800: The bounties are again flooding in for all pilots in the fight, which is one thing people are suspecting is the cause of the server issues in recent fights. Damage cap seems to have been reached on the Keepstar. Keepstar is currently at 94%.

1805: Zkill is struggling to keep up, as are other sites, so no battle report at the moment, but I will put one in as soon as I get it. Keepstar is at 91%. Brisc is about to explode. 6500 in local.

1810: The server is so far holding up, just. Warp tunnels are so long that shields are repping before the ship exits it! Imperium are warping some subcap fleets off-grid, perhaps to rep up and come back in. Dreads are beginning to arrive on field. Keepstar at 90%, so 10% has been taken down in about 45 minutes. This could be a long night. BRISC IS NOT DEAD HE MANAGED TO WARP OFF!

1815: Current view of the Keepstar

1820: Tidi hell continues, Keepstar is paused still. Login to the system is taking a long time for pilots who get disconnected. As with all large fights, its difficult to tell what is going on in max tidi, but it seems to be primarily subcaps on field fighting for the moment. Dreads are on field, and some supers but they are mostly fighting the subcaps with fighters.

1830: Keepstar is around 84%. Things are moving slowly on screen. Admittedly, they are moving faster than this war has up to this point.

1845: The servers are holding up well so far, compared to recent fights. CCP Dopamine has mentioned in INN Twitch chat that they have temporarily paused bounties. This is probably contributing to the servers staying up.

1850: Famous last words on twitch: “We could be out of here in 3-4 hours”. Keepstar is at 78%. Battle Reports are appearing! These are of course, wildly inaccurate at this point, but it is good to at least have one! I think TiDi has got to Brisc, he is now channelling his inner cable news commentator on the stream, I fear he may verge into talk radio presenter shortly. Alternatively he may now bring us the traffic report.

1855: It seems a PAPI super might be dying on grid, but no one can tell in this slideshow. I will update if it becomes clear what the hell is happening with the PAPI Hel.
Brisc has graced us with a traffic report for FWST. The current status is gridlock, and travellers are advised to find alternative routes.

1900: INN’s prolific author Ban Syrin, of the weekly war roundups, has now joined the INN Twitch stream to bring some info about how the fights this week compare to previous weeks. Brisc is getting shot again so has run away from the Keepstar to recover. Keepstar is at 75%.
There is a PAPI Nyx allegedly shooting the Keepstar.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has now released apparently in case anyone is interested in games that are not spaceships. (Not that anyone reading this is doing anything other than spaceships!)

1905: This image of the Keepstar comes to us from CCP’s stream (they do not have their game in potato mode)

This is the killmail for the Nyx that was apparently shooting the Keepstar.

1911: Keepstar is still around 75% two hours into this fight. Outside of FWST, there has been some ihub destruction in Esoteria the homeland of TEST.

1930: Brisc has been in warp for 10 minutes so far. We will update when he comes out of the warp tunnel.

1945: Brisc has landed on grid, and the Keepstar is at 70%. The incoming damage seems to have dropped off. It is going to be a very long night.

2005: Tidi is ongoing. Keepstar is around 68%. Rumours are of 4 PAPI supers killed. I am trying to find killmails for these.

Twitch is discussing whether or not the red dot is a good thing or not (It is not). We are learning about the annoyance of the red dot when someone in your fleet loots something, or when you jump into a clone with implants. Brisc, who informed us he is in some sort of space council and is space important, tells us that veteran players should be able to turn off the red dot.
The discussion is also covering the ESI bug with Quantum Cores, which is not yet fixed with one week to go before Phase Two goes live.

2010: The latest FWST Traffic report notes that pilots should avoid the vicinity of the Keepstar due to slow moving space-time. The Keepstar has 8 minutes left, but has been paused for well over an hour. iHubs continue to drop in Esoteria.

2035: Structure is just under 65%. At the current rate this will take another 8 hours.

2040: The server is still struggling, reports of people taking 30 minutes or longer to successfully log into the system.

2045: Keepstar reportedly at 60%, Brisc is still not exploded, he is good at evasive manoeuvres on the Keepstar. He has escaped and tethered on a nearby structure so he can get some dinner. It is unknown what food he had, I will find out when he returns.

2106: Brisc has now returned, he informs us he had Cheesesteak. The Keepstar is still paused.

2110: As it is way past my bedtime, I will now be closing the liveblog for now. There is a high chance this will still be going when I wake up in the morning. Keepstar is currently 59%

0530: Good morning everyone, the morning news for you is that the Keepstar has just died.

0608: As you can see from the above, there are Titans on grid. These are PAPI titans. I am trying to find a BR, but it seems this is an over 1T fight.
Also of note, given recent fights is that the server stayed up for this fight and given the numbers in local, actually performed quite well.

0620: So for those who did not stay up all night, the timer managed to restart a couple of times overnight. It got down to around the 2 minute mark before the Keepstar finally exploded.
There was a fight on the Imperium Fortizar in the system with Imperium capitals fighting off PAPI subcaps
Looking at preliminary Battle Reports it seems that the Imperium primarily lost Dreads and subcaps. Despite the big shiny ships on field from PAPI it seems there was the single Hel loss.

The liveblog will now close as the fighting seems to be over for the most part.

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  • George Ewing

    Many thanks for doing this Rhivre. Much appreciated.

    October 6, 2020 at 9:33 PM
  • Kirk Bergere

    that was an appreciated blog. Imp wins this one…but at what cost?

    October 7, 2020 at 7:46 AM
  • Simon Chui

    Over 12 hours all up. Might have to organise people into a shift schedule to maintain coverage, if extended ops are going to become a regular thing.

    October 7, 2020 at 10:44 AM
    • Rhivre Simon Chui

      I actually had grabbed one of the editors to tell them to update with a 1-liner if anything happened while I was sleeping. Luckily Imperium waited with killing the Keepstar until I got out of bed (quite literally, I woke up, fell out of bed and woke my PC up just as it exploded)

      October 7, 2020 at 11:51 AM
  • Roman Loginov

    262.63b / 1.46t

    October 7, 2020 at 11:37 AM
    • Rhivre Roman Loginov

      And still no KS on the mails 🙁

      October 7, 2020 at 11:50 AM
  • Arrendis

    All part of Asher’s brilliant plan, crafted many many long years ago at the TEST barbeque. >.>

    And I can neither confirm nor deny that I just woke up after all that.

    October 8, 2020 at 12:02 PM
  • Berth Ljunggren

    Got in to the system fairly early, think local was around 6300 but i had a warp tunnel for like 10 minutes then a disconnect then another 10 minutes before being on the other side of the gate, uncloaked in a bubble with to me not friendly players 🙂 was a new experience when telling ship to warp and it took like 5 minutes before anything happened.

    Died to a goon bomb and some Legion shooting me at 0 on keepstar, pro goons but not in game so i am likely hostile to all of the various corps in there 🙂 still was a loss that was fun for once.

    October 8, 2020 at 12:28 PM