Have you ever wondered to yourself, what is really an exploit in EVE, and what behaviors seem like exploits but actually aren’t? Well look no further. On Tuesday October 6, CCP released an article on the current state of known and declared exploit behavior. In addition to addressing many known exploits with links to each corresponding developer post, many legitimate actions often seen as exploits addressed. CCP was quick to clarify in the post, “Please do keep in mind that this list is not an exhaustive resource for every disallowed action in EVE Online, only exploits which have been publicly disclosed will be listed.”

Actions commonly misconstrued as exploits include logoff traps, grid manipulation, AFK cloaking, MWD cloak warping, ship bumping, and hyperdunking, which is the act of reshipping from a Bowhead after being fired on by CONCORD.

CCP has declared a number of known exploits to be avoided. These include delaying CONCORD response, bumping in order to prevent emergency warp after a player logs in, lighting a cynosural field inside a starbase forcefield, bumping ships outside of a forcefield without having POS access (ie. POS bowling), assigning drones within a POS forcefield, bypassing acceleration gate ship restrictions, and real money trading (ie. ISK or game assets for cash). In short, if an action circumvents game mechanics, you shouldn’t be doing it.

The list of exploitive behavior is not comprehensive. The list of exploits only covers those that are widely known, presumably to cut down on further rule-breaking behavior. It also doesn’t take into account the playerbase of EVE Online finding new bugs and possible exploits within the game. CCP has encouraged players discovering new exploits to report them through customer support tickets under the “Exploit” category. It is worth noting that coming clean on exploits will be looked on favorably by CCP. One of the best examples of this is the discovery of a faction warfare exploit by Aryth of Goonswarm in 2012, which is well worth a read.

The list of known exploits can be found on the EVE Help Center.

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