Into Deepwater


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Deepwater Hooligans are causing waves in Legacy’s backfield. The nomadic alliance’s recent move to Immensea has pitched them against a few larger alliances within the PAPI coalition, but the small, devoted team has pushed through to claim space in what was Legacy’s heartland. They now control eight systems in the region and are pushing their forces deeper into enemy territory looking for content.

Deepwater Hooligans, as an unaffiliated alliance, has largely passed under the radar in this war. “In summer we left to go to Syndicate and more or less conquered the USTZ area until NSH showed up.” described Timoxa Zero the Alliance Leader. “After a few weeks of boredom, we decided to move to the south to get in on fighting all the Legacy alliances who were still trying to maintain their homes behind the war.”

The numbers show that Deepwater have been anything but bored. In 2021 they have destroyed 687b worth of Legacy assets for a loss of 33b. This includes 31 Athanors, 13 Fortizars, 13 Raitarus, five Tataras, four Azbels and one ‘Prometheus’ Faction Fortizar not to mention 18 Ansiblex Jump Gates. The achievement is considerable and even more notable considering Timoxa says they have “around 50 real people who at our core are just seeking good fights and we’re not really concerned with greater bloc politics.”

Deepwater propaganda by WilHelmm

Waves in Immensea

So, what has happened in Immensea that has caused Deepwater and others to be able to tear through the region almost uncontested? Their offensive highlights the well documented issues occurring within the Legacy coalition – the weakness of the minor alliances. At the start of the year, the core constellations were all controlled by FedUp, Rezada Regnum (R-R) and Warped Intentions (W4RP), all of which have suffered greatly during the war. Since the turn of the year, W4RP has dropped from 38 systems, with most of the lost systems falling to Combat Wombat. Warped have managed to establish a foothold in Period Basis and this strategy or relocation appears in line with Legacy leadership’s push into the Delve pocket, but their remaining systems elsewhere are set to fall imminently.

Immensea Jan 2021
Immensea Mar 2021

Rezada Regnum, who have been Deepwater’s main focus for the past few months, have collapsed in a similar pattern to W4RP. They have dropped from 23 systems to nine. The issue with R-R is their collapsing membership. Where W4RP have held onto most of their capsuleers, R-R have dropped pilots by 50%, allowing Deepwater to capitalize. In addition, Federation Uprising, who held 16 systems in northern Immensea, now hold only one, with the majority of their assets moved to Fountain.

Feythabolis’ Rising Tide

As the content in Immensea dries up, Deepwater Hooligans are planning on moving to their next area of operation. Already active within Feythabolis, they appear to be targeting Already Replaced. This alliance, although highly active and without any noticeable failscade, presents a different problem. With 170 active characters and over 1500 kills in the past 7 days, questions must be raised about how they can lose structures in their core systems to a solo pilot. This is the now famous Cosmic Isotope, who in the past few weeks days has destroyed twenty-one AARP structures flying solo in a Hel. Timoxa gave his insight on this “He kinda just does his own thing,” he said, as another killmail came in. “AARP has sort of packed up and left and moved to Delve and Evictus is moving into Esoteria so they’re not really going to defend AARP’s space either.”

Just a normal day for Cosmic Isotope.

With BRAVE’s relocation to Querious now almost complete, and Imperium forces and neutrals closing in on their unoccupied space, it leaves both Catch and Immensea vacant of PAPI forces. There are still many more regions remaining, but with forces closing in on Impass and The Bastion progressing through Esoteria, questions will be raised about Legacy’s ability to hold eve seven or eight regions.

With the war reaching a potential stalemate, PAPI forces are burning anything they find in Delve while holding Goonswarm in 1DQ. Similarly, the Imperium and many third party groups are burning everything in Legacy’s old home. When asked what the next steps for Deepwater Hooligans would be, Timoxa simply said “With a little help from our friends in Combat Wombat, Dreadbomb, and Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork (all great folks who I’d like to thank publicly) we’ve basically cleared Immensea out, so we are all just sort of looking for things to do. . . . Our finances are squared away and I’ve got people who are hungry for content.”

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