Anger Games Update: Opens, Adverts, and More!


Starting with the big ticket item—this Saturday, March 13, will see the first Anger Games Open Practice, with eight teams going head to head over the course of two hours. This will be the first in a number of AG Opens, and this week’s open practice bracket is:

  • Templis CALSF vs. RamRod Shenanigans
  • Jovco Mining Division vs. 2 Rigs 1 Ship
  • WeR4 vs. If All Else Fails
  • Piggers vs. Hangry Nubs

The practice will see eight matches played, with unique bans for every fight. To top it all off, this will be livestreamed by our fantastic casting team over on the EVE_NT Twitch channel, starting just before 2000 EVE, so tune in to get your first idea of this year’s meta!


Next up, Adverts! We have now released our full advert specifications over on the EVE-O forums, and you can also find our specs in this Google Doc too. Ads will be run on our Twitch broadcasts as we have time to do so, and we’ll be looking to make sure we show as many as possible around matches and tournament commentary. 

There is no cost for advertising on the Anger Games live broadcasts – we want to see adverts for tournament teams, player corporations and alliances, EVE Communities, and everything in between. We will show as many unique adverts as possible, and there is no limit to the number of adverts that can be submitted.

Prize SKINs!

CCP have released the prize SKINs for the 2020/2021 tournament cycle on Tranquility this week. The EDENCOM Victory SKINs have been released for the Skybreaker, Stormbringer, and Thunderchild, and they look absolutely fantastic in white and gold. CCP have also very generously committed to supporting the Anger Games with a number of these SKINs for every match win!

Finally, we have had a couple of changes to participating teams since we drew our bracket a few weeks ago. Team changes are:

  • Team ‘Stribog Clade’ have been replaced by team ‘Sudden Vydra’
  • Team ‘Reactive Try Hardeners’ have been replaced by team ‘Waffles’

These changes have been updated on our current Challonge bracket, and interestingly, these teams have been seeded to face each other on Day One of the Anger Games.

This has also been posted on the r/eve subreddit here.

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  • Caleb Ayrania

    Bring your rods, the put and take is glorious at the Angler Games.

    March 14, 2021 at 9:52 AM