On December 29, just after 2200 EVE time in the system of Maut, Placid region, an Imperium capital and supercapital fleet, led by Tiberizzle of Goonswarm, engaged a fleet from The OSS, Suddenly Spaceships, HAX. and Cynosural Field Theory. The engagement, which cost an estimated 123B ISK, killed nearly all of The OSS’ capitals, leaving only five ships alive.

A personal account of the video can be seen below, thanks to Zanzul of Black Omega Security. His dreadnought was destroyed at 2210 EVE during the fight:

OSS/SS/HAX Oops Some Dreads

The Imperium fielded sixteen titans, twenty-four supercarriers, nine dreadnoughts and twenty-five carriers, while The OSS attacked with twenty-eight dreadnoughts, three carriers, and armor battleship support.


TMC reached out to Tiberizzle regarding the engagement and was happy to comment:

TMC: What were you doing with that many supers and titans out in Maut?

Tiberizzle: Well, we moved to Maut as a midpoint and logged off to support some subcap flets in the area. At the same time we were conducting some light fishing so save us from boredom.

TMC: So, it seems you found your targets! Or did the engagement begin some other way?

Tiberizzle: Our subcap fleets were finishing up and there nothing else fun to drop on was cooperating, so I got everyone to log back on to go home.

TMC: You would be logging on into a safe POS though. How did it turn into such a bloodbath?

Tiberizzle: A couple of dudes bumped pretty hard from logging in and one of them was flung out of the POS. He ended up cloaking, but I kept telling him he didn’t need to. If anyone was going to jump on him, I would just offline the POS (which drops the shields) and engage them immediately.

TMC: Is that how this all happened?

Tiberizzle: Yeap! The enemy had eyes on us, got into position and cyno’d up. That is when I dropped the shields. Our dreads were a bit delayed (logging in) so I had everyone put out fighters and called some Armageddon primaries, but then the dreads came in, and I called for fighter bombers out and DDs free. I told the titans to call out targets while I quickly sorting bonuses.

TMC: What happens next?

Tiberizzle: I called for (additional) dreads/carriers to warp in somewhere in there, and after their next primary (the Wyvern) was obvious and we were tanking well with people having adjusted to fight mode and added CETs to counteract the neuting, I called for DDA refits on all supers. We cleaned up everything we could before they exited siege. That was it!


The total engagement, which lasted only 26 minutes, cost just over 123B ISK. The OSS and friends took just under 73% of the damages to the tune of 89.76B ISK. The Imperium lost several capitals and one Hel supercarrier—the prettiest of the supers in my opinion—for a total loss of 33.62B ISK.

TMC will be reaching out to The OSS and other players from the engagement and will update as comments come in.

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