Imperium destroys Northern sympathizer Fortizar in Siseide


In the evening hours of the AUTZ, Imperium forces led by lowsec alliance Snuffed Out and supported by Goonswarm Federation and Bastion pilots destroyed a Fortizar belonging to Pandemic Legion sympathizers Siege Green in the lowsec system Siseide.  A defense fleet consisting of Siege Green, Darkness, Pandemic Horde, and Northern Coalition pilots lost a combined 132 billion ISK in material, while the Imperium fleet lost a paltry 34.8 billion ISK. Siege Green’s capital fleet was devastated in the battle, with 21 dreadnoughts, 10 force auxiliaries, and seven carriers lost.

The battle was anticipated, with both sides forming up prior to the start of the Fortizar’s hull vulnerability timer. Snuffed Out mobilized a fleet of titans, supercarriers, and dreadnoughts with subcapital support, while Siege Green brought its own dreadnought fleet. Subcapital fleets from allied forces on both sides were also present.  

The first shots were fired before the timers went live, as pre-alignment drifting put some GSF pilots outside the tether range. At 12:16, Darkness Cerberus fleet warped into range and the GSF and Bastion fleet committed to engage. As A fleet of Pandemic Horde Hurricanes engaged, Snuffed Out brought its fleet to bear. Siege Green’s Machariel fleet stayed on the Fortizar. By 12:38 Pandemic Horde’s Hurricane fleet had begun suffering staggering losses, and the defenders withdrew to the safety of the Fortizar.

In the meantime, SNUFF’s titans had begun engaging the Fortizar at range. The second battle took place on top of these titans, with dreadnoughts from both sides lining up and exchanging fire. As subcapitals fell in with their capitals to attempt to turn the tide, Siege Green capitals began to fall.  By 13:00, the NCdot, Darkness, and Horde fleets had either been destroyed or fled the field, leaving Siege Green’s outnumbered and significantly out-classed defense forces to their fate.

The final tally was 21 out of 28 dreadnoughts, all 10 force auxiliaries, and 7 out of 18 carriers belonging to Siege Green lost, as well as 28 out of 69 Machariels.  Darkness lost 21 Cerberus HACs, and Horde lost 24 out of its 36 Hurricanes.  NCdot left the field after the first engagement with minimal losses, without committing its fleet of Nagas. The Imperium fleets lost a combined 5 dreadnoughts and 52 battlecruisers.  

The Fortizar was destroyed at 13:33.  This represents the second citadel loss by Siege Green in the system as Snuffed Out continues its campaign against them.  Last week, an Azbel was destroyed without opposition, after NCdot collapsed the wormhole chain through which it intended to support Siege Green.

Thanks to Imperium FCs AriesBar and Alice Homoloes for providing context on the battle.

Update: A SNUFF PoV video is now available on youtube:

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  • Wigitgetit

    Great read. Snuffed Out is one of my favorite GSF allies. They always have something going it seems.

    March 5, 2018 at 6:20 PM
  • highonpop

    “NCdot left the field after the first engagement with minimal losses, without committing its fleet of Nagas”

    f*cking NCdock lol

    March 5, 2018 at 7:49 PM
  • Apollo

    good battle, i was there, it was real, 10/10 would do again, the token hurricane lives to fight another day

    March 5, 2018 at 11:53 PM