Hero’s Song Indiegogo Campaign Concludes


The crowdfunding effort on IndieGogo for procedurally generated indie-RPG Hero’s Song ended today with a final total of 94,331 USD raised after launching on September 7. Though amounting to less than half of the campaign’s 200,000 USD goal, the funds will still be added to developer PixelMage’s coffers because of IndieGogo’s flexible funding (unlike Kickstarter’s all-or-nothing approach).

Hero’s Song is an RPG with old-school graphics, combat like Diablo, and procedural world generation like Dwarf Fortress. Their pitch also boasts 1000-player self-hosted multiplayer servers, hardcore combat, and a “robust” crafting system.

Because IndieGogo’s flexible funding means that the money pledged will still go towards the game’s development, one could call this crowdfunding outing a partial success (especially compared to the original Kickstarter). And unlike some crowdfunded projects with deeper pockets, the game continues to steadily progress towards completion, with a third alpha due to release later this month. “While it’s short of what we were looking for, it’s helping us immensely,”said PixelMage CEO John Smedley said to backers in a final update to the campaign.

With 3007 backers pledging an average of $31.37 each, the game definitely has a small but dedicated fanbase. Their production team is also impressive, made up mostly of Sony Online Entertainment veterans. With the high profile failure of procedurally-generated No Man’s Sky, it’s possible that prospective pledgers were wary of more procedural promises that could end up delivering content that is overly homogeneous and rough around the edges—After all, it doesn’t matter how many worlds you can generate if none of them are fun. Hero’s Song will have a chance to dispel this lingering cloud over procedural generation as it enters alpha testing for backers this month, and early access for the general public in November.

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  • Ryan

    I backed this, and I’m looking forward to getting a peek at the early builds later on this month. Dwarf Fortress is something that Ramon and I connected over long before TMC/Imperium.News, and Path of Exile (which is made by a New Zealand team) is listed as a strong influence. How can I resist?

    October 10, 2016 at 8:46 AM
  • ramon

    Yeah I’m also very curious about how this will turn out. It’s basically Dwarf Fortress adventure mode + Diablo, which could be really good or really bad. Dwarf Fortess has had years and years of (admittedly one-man) development to build the complexity of its world generation system, and it’s nowhere near finished in terms of what you would want in an actual released rpg. This team is trying to do a similar thing with professional developers in a more compressed time frame, plus multi-player. Idk, I’m excited but it also sounds hard to pull off, and while i like Smedley we can’t forget that h1z1 never really got to where it wanted to be.

    The graphics remind me of some free action rpg games i played in the 90s that i can’t remember the name of. Nostalgia feels nonetheless.

    October 10, 2016 at 11:08 PM
  • Anschau

    How are the graphics on this? Similar to Rimworld?

    October 11, 2016 at 5:21 AM
    • From what I saw, they are actually better. Played with this game a bit at Twitchcon and was a bit surprised at how fluid and 3d some of elements actually are – that’s because they are. The game is actually rendering 3d models and squishing them to look 2d. It’s pretty cool.

      October 11, 2016 at 7:52 PM