GARPA Celebrates 10 Years of EVE: GTS Goes Public


This is a guest submission by Goonfleet member (and GARPA chief) pmchem.

Navigation. EVE Online has many deeper aspects to its gameplay, but the sheer complexity of getting from one place to another is something players have to deal with on a daily basis. If you do anything more complicated than going from point A to point B in highsec, you probably benefit from using an out-of-game tool.

In celebration of 10 years of EVE Online, we of GARPA have decided to share GARPA Topographical Survey (GTS) with the public. It’s quite simply a best-of-breed navigation program. Some features GTS 1.9.1 supports:

  • Jump Bridges
  • Cyno Beacons
  • Incursions
  • Cyno Jammers
  • Waypoint optimization
  • Safe route discovery
  • Favorite routes
  • EVE API import of map data
  • Persistent user-written system notes
  • Avoidable systems
  • Both automatic and manual jump planning
  • Alternate midpoint reports
  • Static Data filters for system discovery
  • Pilot profiles
  • Extensive customization
  • …and many, many other things

The program can be downloaded here, while a manual, with detailed descriptions and pictures, is available here.

GTS is developed by the Goonswarm Advanced Research Projects Agency (GARPA), and owned by Solo Drakban. GARPA is Goonswarm’s R&D arm: we figure out how the game works at a detailed level and create tools for GSF. I have been GARPA’s leader for almost two years now, and the lead developer on GTS since early 2011. GTS was originally known as EVE-Map and created by Lhyda Souljacker. Several developers have assisted along the way with GTS, and are listed in its credits. Active on recent GTS releases were spookydonut, ephphatha, Kif, and Sethur Blackcoat. Spookydonut and ephphatha, in particular, have made large contributions to the current state of GTS.

There is no ulterior motive. No goonie plot. We enjoy EVE Online and, with fanfest coming up, wanted to directly add to others’ fun too. If you enjoy GTS, please vote Mynnna for CSM. You can also say hi to me (pmchem) in-game. I’ll be at fanfest, too – say hi in Reyk!

Tech support note: GTS stores settings and dynamic map data in %appdata%\GTS, and if you have problems with the program please troubleshoot by closing GTS, deleting that folder, and the three R’s: relaunch, reboot, reinstall. This public release is identical to our private version, but with two “nag screens” removed (warnings when parts of your GTS are out of date). If you want to get continuing updates to GTS, please apply to “Amok.“ corp in-game.

We are proud of GTS and hope you enjoy it. Please leave any feedback in the comments below.

Download GTS 1.9.1 (Installshield installer):
md5sum results for manual and Installshield exe:

This article originally appeared on, written by pmchem.

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