Final Timer at M-OEE8, Imperium Tournament, and much much more!


Good Evening, and welcome to our Saturday night coverage of the events in M-OEE8 where the final keepstar timer is due at around 1850 Eve time.  We also have the inaugural Imperium Tournament happening tonight, over on our twitch, which starts at 1845, which we will be bringing you updates from during the evening.

We are settling in for a busy night, keeping an eye on streams of the fights, and updating you with other information on all the nights events as we get it.

To get us rolling, you can catch the keepstar fight at ERJ145a‘s stream, and CCP will be hosting various streams on their own twitch throughout the evening.

As I know we have some culinary fans out there, Tiberius will be making burgers, and I have heard that Jeronica of PL will be baking blue donuts during the fight, and I have been promised recipes by various other people, so, if they come through, I will of course, give you the information.

As of 1720, there are 1500 in local in M-O. Minor skirmishes have been going on all afternoon, as you can see from the killboard, and calls have started going out to various alliances to form up.

We are also informed that CVA will be in attendance, to attempt to rescue the members of the faithful who are trapped inside the Keepstar.  Big questions include whether we will see the newly combat capabable rorquals making an appearance, and whether PL will again park their supers at the astrahus for the fight.

As this is expected to be a 5 hour fight, remember to hydrate if you are taking part, and step away from your computer at least once an hour to stretch!

We will keep you updated as things develop.



Pandemic Horde continue to welp scorpions in the system. Camps are in place on the routes into the system from highsec, so, any tourists should take additional precautions.

There is currently no tidi in the system.  NC are forming up, PL are in system.



Just as a recap, over the last few months, PL, NC. and friends have been attacking CO2 and TEST space in Tribute.  M-O was actually lost a while back, but the Keepstar belonging to CO2 has remained online.  The first timer was last Saturday, with the large fight we covered here on Sunday. This is the final timer, for the hull, which will (hopefully) generate a killmail tonight if it explodes.  This will be the first fitted Keepstar to explode, if it is killed.

NC have also undocked their Machariel fleet, and we have around 1 hour to go before the timer.  Local has passed 2k.


NC. Machariel


Tidi kicked in as local passed 2500.  Local is past 3ooo with 68% tidi, but TiDi is intermittent.

At present the attackers outnumber the defense fleet in the system, so whether there will be any real defense fleet is in question.  TEST & CO2 of course, may have suprises up their sleeves so we will have to see what happens in the next 45 mins.

PL and NC have cyno’d more into the system

NC.PL Cyno



MC have arrived in Typhoons, and CCP have confirmed that this battle is shaping up to be big, whether or not a defense fleet arrives



In potentially related news, CO2 and TEST have been spotted hanging out in Hakonen with carriers


Back in M-O, Local is approaching 4k with 20 minutes or so to go.  There is also 20 minutes to go before the Imperium Tournament kicks off.

So far the most exciting explosion has been yet another Horde Scorpion

Horde Scorpion




Small skirmishes have broken out among the the various subcap fleets, and bubbles are going up


10 minutes to go on the timer, local is at 4412, with tidi at 10%.  This means that an action that takes 1 minute will take 10 minutes, and means that if the tidi is maintained, this will be a 5h fight if the DPS cap is maintained.



4600 in local.  A heroic PH FC is FCing 250 Alphas.  The Keepstar just fired its Doomsday.  Vince Draken was hit by it

Vince Draken hit


And the timer is at 0.00

Waiting to see how long it takes to be paused.  Last time it got down to 4m9s.

Point Defense battery has also been activated.


Timer has been paused.

First keepstar food is confirmed on Twitter

The Imperium Tournament Coverge has also begun over on Twitch  while ERJ145a is streaming the Keepstar fight with commentary


Local has passed 5200, Dscan tools are reported to noping out of being co-operative.



It also seems TEST and CO2 evac’d a number of their ships during the course of the afternoon, explaining the low numbers of defenders.

The Keepstar defenses are being fired into the subcap fleets around it. As the BR for this fight will likely be a nightmare to load up, keeping an eye on the Keepstar kill tally here and the system kill list here

CCP have confirmed the numbers in M-O are the highest ever in any system.


Imperium Tournament is now live  13 legs and 65 toes will be up against Bomberwaffe first.

Back at the Keepstar, it looks like there is going to be no defense fleet to contest the fight.

Remember, there is plenty of time to go down and get yourself on the killmail.  Several hours to get down there


Traffic control is in place on the jumps into M-O

The first fight in the Imperium Tournament is underway, with Boat bringing a Bhaalgorn to his team


The Keepstar fight seems to be primarily sub-caps at the moment

In the Imperium Tournament, Bufffresh has been heroically providing logi to keep Bomberwaffe alive as they defeat 13 legs and 65 toes in the first match.


Horde fleet is moving back out.

It looks like the defenders are sticking to using bombers, and just taking out smaller ships

Cooking is going on

CCP are on field keeping an eye on the fight


Over at the tournament, Jay Amazingness is about to take to the field to lead Buttes against Wyldly Inappropriate captained by Wyld.  Follow the tournament here



TEST are standing down.  A badger has just warped in to loot stuff.

The subcap fleet from the attackers is fairly substantial



It looks like the attackers just have a 4h structure shoot ahead, with no effort from the defenders.

Tiberius Stargazer has the oven on and Matterall has gone to rake leaves.  The Keepstar has been announced as being officially uncontested.

81% structure.  If everyone could just leave the system now, then we could get this done in less than 4h.


There are rumours that the standing down is due to weirdness with the keepstar behaviour.  More to follow

Calling this a fight is stretching the definition of the word, and, it is just a question of waiting for it to slowly drop down in this TiDi.

PoisonKevin of NC. was killed on the Keepstar, but has not been podded, and is floating in space in a lonely pod just off the keepstar.

The oven mystery has been solved.  Tiberius is having chips to go with his burger (or fries, whichever term you prefer locally).

Machs as always, are popular at the fight. (thanks to Modern Inferno)



3rd match in the tournament is beginning

Reavers (Alice homoloes) vs Asian Squad (Asher Elias)

Trivia: For those who are unsure how to pronounce my name, it is pronounced like Reavruh.

Reavers vs Asian Squad

Reavers seem to be winning, with them only having lost a crucifier, and Asian Squad down to a Barghest, Orthrus, and a Jackdaw as the timer runs out.


Pandemic Legion are watching Guardians of the Galaxy and Interstellar. They expect to finish both before the keepstar dies.

Tiberius Stargazer has Burgers in the pan.  We are trying to track down Jeronica for status on quiches or donuts.


Doomsday has fired


This structure shoot has several hours to go, so, we will keep you updated if anything happens.  Otherwise we will let you know what people are doing during TiDi tonight, and update you on each round of the tournament (You really dont want me commentating in here on the tournament, trust me)



Status update: Keepstar slowly going down.

Tiberius now has burgers


I have just had sausages in croissants, which was a weird taste experience.

Aurora Morgan has been making cookies



We have a correction to add:  PK was NOT killed, he ejected from his legion because he was getting DD’d

In the tournament, Thunderstruck just lost to Space Violence after Thunderstruck failed to field a full team.



V4DER (vader) are taking on Bomberwaffe.

The Spacepope has been getting down with chair dancing during the fight


After looking like they would take an early, V4DER are now losing to Bomberwaffe, BuffFresh again being a hero on the logi.

Bomberwaffe have not lost a ship yet, and look as if they will win the fight with over 5 mins on the timer.

PK is now back in his legion.



RMT Records has a new release, “We didn’t light the cyno”


13 Legs and 65 Toes have just defeated Wyldly Inappropriate without any losses

At the Keepstar: A vanquisher is on the field and is about to activate a doomsday. The Vanquisher is the Serpentis Titan. It is piloted by Salvad0r Sarpati, from NC.

The repairing seems to have reactivated at some point. When the fight began it was at 14m and some seconds.  The lastest images show it at 13m32s, so that seems to have been reactivated at some point this evening.


Apologies for the missing tournament stuff, there was confusion over the pilots name in the Vanquisher.  It is incredibly similar to the leader of the Serpentis Corporation.

The Vanquisher did fire its doomsday, and took out a Nidhoggur

Over at the tournament, Jay Amazingness is having a chat, complete with croaky voice from a sore throat.

Outside of both the Keepstar and the tournament, there has been a fight breakout in Cloud Ring, with an Escalating Entropy Erebus down to The Initiative


We are under 50%, so we are halfway there!


Thunderstruck vs V4Der coming up in the tournament. Thunderstruck are fielding just 3 ships, a Dominix, Widow and Bhaalgorn. They are up against a full team from V4DER, so it will be interesting to see whether using so many points on so few ships pays off.

The Keepstar in M-O continues to take out frigs and cruisers. The Keepstar is at 42%.

Full lyrics and credits of the new RMT release are available in the press release here


PL and NC appear to be warping off to the Astrahus anchored near the keepstar. What they are doing is unclear at the moment, but they may be reshipping. Hopefully the ships left on grid can keep the DPS floor otherwise the timer reactivates.

In the tournament, 13 legs have been eliminated, and Thunderstruck have now joined them in being eliminated. Jay is not speaking on stream, instead saving his voice for yelling at his fleet.


The Cloud Ring fight between Init and Escalating Entropy may well have more destroyed tonight than the keepstar fight. The total at Zkill at the moment is almost 500b. It appears that Suddenly Spaceships baited Escalating Entropy to engage their supers over a Fortizar anchoring, and then Init. jumped in to smash the supers on the field.


Keepstar is now at 30%.

In the tournament, Wyldly Inappropriate defeated Asian Squad, who are now eliminated

Streamer ERJ145a who has been providing commentary on the keepstar, decided to go in for a closer look in his Jackdaw, he is currently redboxed and scrammed, so, we will see if he survives!


ERJ145a survived!  Commentary can now continue, and, assuming the damage cap was not reached when he volleyed, he will be on the KM (assuming there is one, there have been issues with killmails for large fights over citadels in the past)

Tidi continues to cause frustrations

Whilst Tidi is not unusual in Eve, and most pilots down in null are used to it, the thing with structure shoots is, you have to stay there until the end.  Which in this case, means 5h+


Buttes Inc are taking on Reavers in the Tournament. Buttes Inc. have brought too many Cruors so they recieved a penalty.

Keepstar is at 25%


Jeronica from PL has resurfaced.  Blue brownies will be made.  Updates to follow


SkepticNerdGuy has lost his cloaked yacht on the Thunderdome server to an Asher Elias smartbomb.


Bomberwaffe are taking on Space Violence in the Tournament.

Jeronica has found a Bundt cake pan!  Baking will commence

Keepstar is at 20%


Bomberwaffes run of victories looks to have ended, they are currently left with 3 ships remaining against a full team from Space Violence.

The interlude music between fights is RMT Records “Check the MOTD”, which is probably in my top 3 RMT records releases.


The Keepstar seems to be dropping more rapidly now, its down to 12%

His Holiness the Space Pope remains mesmerised by the events of the evening

 The Imperium Tournament has ended its first day….10 matches held before the Keepstar has exploded.


Keepstar at 10%, bubbles everywhere




Keepstar at 8%



6% on the Keepstar


Titan on field, no DD from it yet

Keepstar at 5%

Jeronica has located the food colouring, but will he get the cake in the oven before the keepstar blows?

PL have re-emerged from the Astrahus and are reforming at the Keepstar


Vanquisher on grid, 4% on the Keepstar



2% on the keepstar.  This should be exploding soon!


CCP are playing Wrecking Machine on their stream


Still waiting for the explosions

Jeronicas brownie cake is almost done


ERJ145a had the citadel showing as a wreck on a screen with no effects. That citadel is now showing as back complete.  Weird stuff is happening


People are leaving the system, still no explosion





Just in time, Jeronica finished baking the cake! \o/  Rounding off a perfect evening!

Jeronica Cake


Thats it, the first fitted Keepstar down!  Not sure anyone is in a hurry to do that tidi fest again, but, who knows?  Hopefully the killmail shows the fitting eventually.

Thanks to everyone who provided details of their delicious dinners, and thanks for reading!






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