Fanfest: Quick Facts


Again, FanFest approaches! The 2016 edition of this annual gathering of internet spaceship nerds and developers begins April 21, just six days away. Here are the basics of what’s going on:

  • Begins on April 21 with opening ceremony at 12:00 UTC and ends on April 23 with the closing ceremony at 17:00 UTC
  • Schedule can be found here
  • The happenings will be streamed on CCP’s Twitch channel
  • You can get special partner deals for the popular Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle tours with other Fanfest-goers and for transportation and hotels here

Any other information you wish to know can be found at the official Fanfest website. Happy Fanfest to all attending and watching from home!

This article originally appeared on, written by Siaka Stevens.

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