On April 16, two titans, one belonging to Goonswarm Federation and the other belonging to Northern Coalition, were destroyed in a hail of fire from doomsday devices and sieged dreadnoughts, in seperate incidents.

GSF Erebus Dies to PL

The first of the two would be a 118B ISK Erebus owned by Yi Zhao of Lightspeed Enterprises. The killmail shows his death at exactly 11:00 EVE Time.



[ 2016.04.16 10:59:56 ] (combat) 1406916 to Yi Zhao[L E](Erebus) – Aurora Ominae – Hits

Yi Zhao was caught just before downtime bridging as many as ten freighters out of K5F-Z2 in Deklein to BDV3-T in Pure Blind. Directly after bridging the freighters to the station in BDV3-T, he lit a second cyno on a moon and jumped himself through. This was all conducted under the watchful eye of Pandemic Legion, and it didn’t take long for tackle to warp in and call in the team. At least fourteen titans jumped into BDV3-T and destroyed the Erebus just seconds before the EVE Online servers shut down for maintenance.

This type of move is not uncommon, as many members of the Imperium have recently been moving assets from Deklein and Pure Blind to safer space. This pilot’s attempt to evacuate his titan and ten suitcase freighters from Deklein is a glimpse into how the war is affecting people within the Imperium.

NC. Leviathan Downed by FETID

Next on the list of dead titans is this 102.5B ISK Leviathan which belonged to Siljaria Spectre of Free-Space-Ranger. Siljaria’s titan was brought down by a FETID dreadnought fleet with support from Did He Say Jump subcaps.

NC. Titan Kill 4/16/2016

Vera Markus, a member of FETID, stated that one of their pilots found a cyno in Ofstold near a newly onlined tower, and watched as a Leviathan warped from the cyno into the shields of the POS. After waiting out for a few minutes, the titan safely logged off, but was still being watched by FETID’s scouts. While the Leviathan was offline, some research was done on the cyno pilot. It was found that he had two previous cyno-related losses three and six hours prior to this. FETID kept neutral eyes on the cyno pilot as he went to Hek to buy another tower for the titan’s next destination, all the while forming a fleet to kill him if he logged and jumped out.

After the neutral cyno was set and after waiting for about an hour, the Leviathan logged on. FETID, and their friends Did He Say Jump, had eyes on both the logged in titan and the place he would jump. Just as planned, the Leviathan logged on, jumped into Ragnarg and was caught by a HIC flown by Tickalsiinz of FETID. “Once our HICs got point on the Leviathan, all of our dreads jumped in and went into siege mode,” said Vera.

The Leviathan, realizing that the end was near, fired its Oblivion doomsday device at the first ship targeted, successfully killing a FETID Moros. Members from the pouncing fleet stated that it was a rather quick kill, as the titan pilot had no time to fit for any type of tank.

TMC would like to thank Pandemic Legion and FETID for comment as well as thank LT Alter for the recorded video.

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