Ex-Darkness Titan Down in Aridia


On November 23 at 0130, an Avatar owned by Zonicks, and worth nearly 130B ISK, was destroyed in the system of Yehaba, Aridia. Zonicks was a Black Legion titan pilot during the epic fight in B-R5RB where he helped to kill eight titans and two supercarriers. After the bloodbath of B-R5RB, he joined DARKNESS and then presumably unsubbed the account until recently. LowSechnaya Sholupen and Pandemic Legion were responsible for wiping the titan off the field and, after tracking down the hunters, TMC got in touch of one of the Moros pilots. Rad1st of -LSH- was courteous enough to agree to an interview, and went over the details of the kill.

Personal Account

TMC: Could you try and sum up for me how the titan kill went?

Rad1st: Well, there was a PL Onyx hanging out in Yehaba. He opened up a chat with me and said that there was an Avatar moving through Aridia and he passed me the character’s name. Since that titan pilot was on my watch list and we checked it out and sure enough, it was him.

TMC: Was he just taking gates through low sec?

Rad1st: No. Five minutes after we confirmed it was him, he logged on and jumped to my home system with me in local! I warped in, launched probes, and the worst happened… my PC crashed. It was terrible luck, but thankfully another Onyx came in and held him down. I quickly restarted my PC and the titan was still tackled.

TMC: So you guys just cyno’d in dreads after that. How did PL get their BLOPs in there?

Rad1st: They brought in a secondary Phobos and lit the cyno for them. What is funny is that, while we were killing him, he tried to use his doomsday device on my Moros. I was prepared and the extra EM hardener saved me. After he DD’d we knew that he was stuck and so I refit on my mobile depot and continued shooting.

TMC: Did he die relatively quickly then, since he was in full travel fit?

Rad1st: Yes. The PL pilots even asked us to slow down so they could bring in more friends to get on the kill. We stopped DPS on the dreads and let them get on it, then finished it off.

TMC: That is pretty awesome. There were some pretty good drops as well from that Avatar. Who ended up scooping all the loot?

Rad1st: That is the sad part. One of the PL guys accidentally killed the wreck, destroying everything. Luckily though, the PL gang was nice and didn’t touch my dreads! On the bright side, the titan pilot’s killboard was not wasted, since he was in the B-R fight.

This was not the first time that Zonicks as lost an Avatar. In 2013 he lost this 166B ISK titan to NC. and PL in Delve. Daugan of reddit exclaimed in this post, “We almost went a week without a dead super/titan. Thanks LSH!”

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Lemba.

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