EVE’s Wicked Creek Wars

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-04-26

EVE has very few regions that lie under the control of separate, independent entities. Most of null security space is held by large organizations. The alliances and coalitions that hold sway over huge swaths in the North and the Southwest often boast thousands, if not tens of thousands, of members. Dominion Sov may have been the age of the “Blue Donut”, but the Aegis system has largely failed to truly change the massive advantage held by large groups.

In contrast, Wicked Creek and Scalding Pass have been among the last bastions of Null-Sec independence in EVE. Over the past year, these regions have seen multiple entities enter and leave again. Politics in the area is volatile, but even under pressure from larger coalitions, active, invested smaller alliances have been able to hold onto what is theirs—so far. As a member of one of the alliances that has held sov in this area recently, let me tell you the story of the Wicked Wars.

The Stage is Set

Our story of the Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek area begins just under a year ago. In July 2016, after living in, and dominating Molden Heath, Iron Armada decided to move into Scalding Pass. We decided to ally ourselves with our one-time enemy, Feign Disorder. At the time, FEIGN controlled the majority of the region, as seen here in this Sov Map from August 2016. Feign Disorder were, and still are, some of the best small gang pilots in the game. They won control of the region under Aegis Sov mechanics by out-piloting and out-performing their regional rivals.  What they did not have was a large number of pilots, something that Iron Armada could help provide.

The small coalition was dubbed “The Heathens”, as both Iron Armada, and Feign Disorder had both controlled Molden Heath at some point in time. For roughly three months, the Heathens controlled most of Scalding Pass. In September 2016, though, Triumvirate and the Vanguard Coalition decided to make a concerted effort at eviction.

Winter is Coming

Outnumbered 3280 to 379, our coalition managed to outplay Vanguard, securing timers using interceptor fleets. Although Vanguard was able to take valuable moons with their supercapital fleet, they were unable to take our staging constellation. Progress deeper into Scalding Pass also faltered, as The Heathens repeatedly won battles against all odds. At the end of 2016, Scalding Pass was still largely seucre. New allies, Salt The Earth even managed to push Prothean Alliance out of the WQZ8-4 Constellation. But the invasions continued.

In October 2016, after leaving Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition, Short Bus Syndicate were installed with Vanguard’s blessing into the J-9M7D constellation of Wicked Creek. They came with orders to harass, and eventually contest Iron Armada and Feign Disorder’s sovereignty. Before two weeks had passed, the Heathens had launched an intense eviction campaign against Short Bus Syndicate, finding allies in Bright Side Of Death. Short Bus was slaughtered in every battle. Once Short Bus was evicted, their space was divided into portions, and split amongst the victors.

The Enemy Made Manifest(o)

Peace settled over the region for only a month before Manifesto. made plans with The Bastard Cartel (TBC) to invade the Heathens space in Wicked Creek. The intent was to allow TBC to take over the constellation. The war began with TBC placing cloaked campers in all Heathen systems. While TBC were based out of Curse, Manifesto were not. This made them more viable targets.

Iron Armada began systematic retaliation against Manifesto, putting pressure on their line members, and eventually Manifesto began to feel the effects. While Manifesto were able to bat-phone Triumvirate for static timers on POS’s, they were not able to win the sporadic fights that happened during sov reinforcements. Consistently losing ships, with line members unable to make ISK to replace loses, and with more allies entering the war on Iron Armada’s side, Manifesto leadership decided to strategically withdraw from the war. As part of the peace treaty that was being formed, the Heathens allowed TBC to take their space in Scalding Pass. The Wicked Winter War was over.

Disorder, Salt, and Madness

Soon after the Wicked Winter War, though, internal strife began to do what external enemies could not. Madhouse leadership began to alienate themselves from their allies. Feign Disorder suffered an internal coup attempt that reduced their numbers, and forced them to pull out of the region.

Salt the Earth (NA-CL) lacked any space to call their own. They were loyal allies, though, and Madhouse’s relationships with their neighbors were reaching the breaking point. Iron Armada and NA-CL declared war on Madhouse, with their leadership claiming they “would win the war in a week”. The following evening, Madhouse abandoned their space. If anyone thought Wicked Creek was going to see any peace, however, they were sorely mistaken.

A New Star Rises While the Phoenix Falters

In early March, making agreements with Manifesto and TBC, Fidelas Constans declared their intent to invade the south of Wicked Creek, and evict Iron Armada, Bloodline, and Bright Side of Death. Salt the Earth was falling apart due to internal issues, and The Devils Rejects stepped into their space. At the same time, Stella Nova, coerced by Zero Fun Allowed, decided they wanted to do the same. Unfortunately for FCON, they were being harassed by Circle-of-Two in their home region. This delayed their deployment to Wicked Creek.

In early April, the landscape would change again. As Bloodline space began to fall, Stella Nova camped Iron Armada, making their economic picture darker. Soon, Iron Armada received an offer to deploy to Black Rise, and enter the conflict in Cloud Ring on the side of Initiative. Due to the constant threat to their sovereignty, Iron Armada felt it was the right opportunity to take. They transferred their Wicked Creek holdings to Fraternity, and withdrew.

Later in April, FCON finally deployed into Curse. From there, they intend to join in the attack Fraternity. TBC and Manifeso need the help.. At the same time, efforts to evict BSOD from their holdings in the area continue.

The Beatings Will Continue…

With FCON’s entry, the Wicked Wars show no sign of ending. The eventual results, though, will change the politics in the region for the foreseeable future. Vanguard or Phoenix Coalitions may establish rental empires in the area. Or can Fraternity and BSOD hold on as the only truly neutral entities in the region? Who wins and loses may have effects beyond the borders of Wicked Creek.

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  • Pew Pew

    Sounds fun.

    “but the Aegis system has largely failed to truly change the massive advantage held by large groups.”


    “They won control of the region under Aegis Sov mechanics by out-piloting and out-performing their regional rivals.”

    Fozzie Sov is the right way to go I think, it just needs some tweaks.

    April 26, 2017 at 10:25 am
    • Arrendis Pew Pew

      Neither of the groups involved in that initial conflict were ‘large groups’. And CCP’s pretty clearly moving away from the Aegis system. More on that later, though, as (as happens so often), framing my response here is starting to take on enough length to be a discussion all its own.

      April 26, 2017 at 1:34 pm
      • sovereign Arrendis

        I look forward to that discussion.

        April 26, 2017 at 1:40 pm
        • Arrendis sovereign

          You should get to read it in the next few hours. I admit, some of it could probably do with another polish pass, but I did only start writing it 15h ago as a reply to Pew there.

          April 27, 2017 at 4:12 am
  • lol

    “Later in April, FCON finally deployed into Curse.” you should check a map

    April 27, 2017 at 11:38 am
  • Piotr Engels

    Manifesto. leadership I think will be writing a response article to this. There are many serious inaccuracies here.

    Most particularily: We never made any agreements with FCON or Pheonix Fed in regards to invasion of WC. Infact, we sent out a mail to all regional diplos decrying any coalition invasion of WC as content killing and declared official neutrality. We also turned down several requests from PF to use our space as a staging.

    April 28, 2017 at 1:02 am
  • GSen

    As a member of Manifesto. leadership these things tend to make me laugh a lot thinking back on it… first when you have the propaganda of “The Heathens” vs “Vanguard”, and we for some reason got listed as part of Vanguard… We had started our bid to take some sov in the area at about the same time, and having The Heathens as a common enemy did get us to work with Vanguard on occasion, but we’ve never been part of a full time coalition.

    Later there were the FEIGN attacks on our towers followed up by Iron Armada attacking our sov, and only after helping TBC defend their Astrahus in Curse multiple times did we find out that FEIGN and Iron were calling us the aggressors. We actually pulled out of that war when we had a sit down with Tridgit and basically realized that neither side actually wanted to invade the other’s space, so the fighting was pointless.

    I guess I can add one bit of clarification to that last part… we started out living in the Great Wildlands region… as we left, Nullsechnaya Sholupen moved in. They took over a lot of the moons we had owned and we had some skirmishes with them along with other GW alliances, and they occasionally asked us to come back and give them good fights.

    As TBC was moving out of their staging up north we invited them to come down and fly with us, and maybe fight against -NSH- a bit for some fun, though these plans were cut short when FEIGN and Iron started attacking our structures and sov, as mentioned above.

    April 28, 2017 at 1:31 am
  • Tyler Zen Ford

    Manifesto here, most inaccurate possible thing I’be seen, we elected to stay out of the war and were hella isk positive against IA when we fought

    April 28, 2017 at 4:22 am
  • Rhivre

    If they would like to submit a response article, we would be happy to take a look at it for publication

    April 28, 2017 at 2:24 pm