EVE VEGAS 2018 – Details for Everyone


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It’s October once more, and this coming weekend, EVE Vegas season will be upon us once again! This year’s event is shaping up to have 1100+ capsuleers descend on Las Vegas for three days of EVE Online-related “shenanigans.” Along with all of the fun and excitement that has always been the backbone of this event, a few things have changed and CCP wants everyone to be ready. Some changes may affect what you lucky travelers need to pack.


The full digital schedule is available right here on sched.org. Please note schedule times are given in PDT/UTC, and that our list of presentations only includes CCP Dev sessions.

Day One – Friday, October 19th

  • 14:00/21:00 – Opening Ceremony & CCP Presents
  • 16:00/23:00 – EVE Online Keynote

Day Two – Saturday, October 20th

  • 11:00/18:00 – Upwell Structures – The Future
  • 14:00/21:00 – Project Nova
  • 15:00/22:00 – Ships & Balance

Day Three – Sunday, October 21st

  • 11:00/18:00 – Introducing The Activity Tracker
  • 15:00/22:00 – Events & The Agency
  • 17:00/00:00 – Closing Ceremony


“The Gate is Green,” starts at 15:00 on October 18th, the day before EVE Vegas 2018 kicks off. At that time pilots will be able to check-in. At check-in attendees will receive an EVE Vegas 2018 access pass, as well as tickets and wristbands for additional events they may have chosen. CCP GreyGal and her awesome team of volunteers will be around to make sure everyone has everything that they need, and that visiting capsuleers are checked in as quickly and easily as possible. For capsuleers not joining in from the start, check-in will continue throughout each day of the event during program hours.


Beginning at 21:00, EVE Vegas attendees and the CCP development team will take over a whole floor of Top Golf Las Vegas. Some 33 golf bays will be open for two hours, but wait! There’s more! Top Golf will be indulging attendees with an open bar serving draft, canned and bottled beers, certain selected wines and spirits, and of course non-alcoholic beverages for the ‘not quite legal’ crew. In the words of prophet CCP Falcon, “What could possibly go wrong?”

The Top Golf Las Vegas Event is not included in standard EVE Vegas attendance and requires tickets, which are now on sale for $89. Tickets include the cost of play, the open bar, and golf coaching too. Any transport to and from the event is NOT included. Additionally, CCP are supporting a competitive edge to the event with random PLEX, SKIN and Pirate Corvette prizes for those who perform the best, and of course, the worst!


With the overwhelming love for Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub seen in the EVE Vegas 2017 survey, it makes sense to party on the rooftop once again. The party kicks off at 19:00 and features three hours of open bar service, until Drai’s opens to the public at 22:00.

A Business casual dress code will be in effect for the whole evening, so this means no hoodies, flip flops, shorts, t-shirts, face paint or face masks are permitted.

CCP Falcon stressed the dress code’s importance to prevent issues with being admitted to Drai’s throughout the night, so make sure to pack some nice clothes!


For every glorious capsuleer not able to join in person, all the major events, announcements and information from EVE Vegas 2018 will be streamed live on the CCP Twitch Channel for FREE, over the course of the full three days. Not leaving the home viewers out, CPP will be running a whole host of giveaways and contests over the course of the three days of EVE Vegas. Don’t forget to tune in, home viewers, for your chance to win some “kick ass prizes!”

Bjorn Bee, Manic Velocity and Chocolate Rahne will all be attending, plus a whole fleet of other streamers. They will all flying under the #Streamfleet banner, so keep an eye out on Twitter and Twitch for that. You may have seen some of their adventures during GM Week. They’ll be streaming live from Vegas on their own channels, so there will be plenty to watch for all!

Keep your eyes on the news for more information on the streaming schedule this week and be sure to follow us on our various social media platforms for updates, contests and more!
-CCP Falcon

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  • Guilford Australis

    Okay, let’s get some easy predictions out of the way:

    Upwell Structures: All planets, moons, and asteroid belts in New Eden will be replaced with faction Citadels. Eventually stargates, MTUs, and Mobile Depots will also be replaced with new ‘Micro’ Upwell structures. (CCP won’t announce this last part, but the endgame for EVE Online will be that all our ships in space will be replaced by Upwell structures as the universe grinds to a halt, leaving only darkness, silence… and Upwell structures).

    Ships & Balance: As part of CCP’s bold new vision for combat interceptors, they will receive a special siege module and Doomsday. CCP will announce that the current balance of the Moros makes it appropriate for running L3-L4 missions, and, consequently, it will be allowed to enter highsec. A new Planetar-class Supertitan will be announced (it will have no racial variations – the only version will be made by Upwell).

    Did I miss anything?

    October 17, 2018 at 1:30 PM
  • General Thade

    My real predictions:

    Upwell Structures: They wll give more info on jump gates and the new cyno structures. Then they will most likely add a new line of small structures, or maybe Forward Operating Bases. They can also touch on advertisement structures (I just realized the more structures they add, the more delve looks like a space mega city). They might touch on balance, or more structures that I cant think of ATM.

    Project Nova: Lets hope its not trash

    Ships and Balance: I would not doubt if they tease more precursor ships. Also, they will probably add more pirate capitals. Then they will “balance stuff” even though it typically makes it worse.

    And the rest doesn’t matter to me. I find most events to be repetitive, boring, and they dont appeal to the older player. The activity tracker will be okay I guess, im just wondering if it will show past achievements that you accomplished before the tracker was introduced.

    All I hope is CCP doesn’t kill the game, or at least the way I play it.

    October 17, 2018 at 3:51 PM