GM Week – Final Day Recap


YULAI – AUGUST 26: A botting Avatar Titan was killed in Yulai, a High Sec system. The justice handed out on Monday was a treat, and on the closing day, we (this time I was in system) dealt even more justice to the “illegal Rogue Drone Automation Technology utilizers”. In a similar fashion to way the week started, it ended with an even larger boom. Literally: Elephantine Palindrome’s exploding Avatar took five of the massed capsuleers with his ill-gotten ship’s death throes.

AleksStark (Heron)
Stark Logistic Services
Stalker Jensen (Catalyst)
The Bastion
Raguel Barachiel (Tornado)
General Kilgore1 (Falcon)
Nocturnal Reconnaissance and Manufacturing
Magnus Astradus (Tayra)
New Eden Terraform Alliance

Whack-a-Bot Second Round

GM STARDUST started on GM Week day four blog dropping hints that capsuleers would have a second bite at a bundle of botters. Just over 100 pilots had massed when CCP Peligo confirmed Yulai would be the site for more testing of the new Cynosural Projection technology functionality by Directive Enforcement Department.

Over the next 20 minutes, local doubled, and Imperator Zed summed up the mood perfectly by likening the crowd to medieval peasants at a witch burning. This got a good number of cheers. The part that had me smiling the most was the very random collection of ship (peasants). While dozens of industrials milled about in hope of scoring some sweet loot, it was the mining barges that highlighted the spread of ships attending.

This is not a publicity stunt. We are committed to a bot-free New Eden. We are going to be increasing our cooperation with CONCORD and we will spare no resource in this effort.
-CCP Peligro [18:30:39]

Like a cyno being lit, CCP Twitch stream went live, and local ballooned. Yulai was host to more than 730 pilots and even hit TiDi (94%) at one point during the graphic roasting. Short of an hour later Odo Korachi thanked the amassed High Sec experiment cleanup crew, “Well ladies and gents, thanks once again for taking part in testing.”

Yulai Botter’s Graveyard


78.38b ISK

Elephantine Palindrome


20.50b ISK

Miranda Kerr1


20.20b ISK

Basil Mohammed


20.00b ISK

Diana Saisima


19.93b ISK

Edward Togenada


10.12b ISK

Elephantine Palindrome

Elephantine Palindrome’s titan was crown of the GM Week, and the last of the experiment candidates to be dropping in Yulai. Post Whack-a-Bot, local began to express concern that this pilot had been allowed to continue the whole week, while others simply enjoyed the fact they were on a titan killmail.

Closing Notes

Take it easy pilots, and remember – if you see any of these scumbags, be sure to report them. – Odo Korachi [19:44:16]

It remains unclear whether the closing remarks were the GMs leaving a reminder to report botting, or poking fun at themselves because CCP had forgotten to ban the account from the first round of botter clean up.

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  • “This is not a PR stunt.”


    I’m sure destroying five ships will have a real impact on the botting ecosystem.

    August 30, 2018 at 4:36 PM
    • Digital Tectonics Ganthrithor

      There were more than 5 ships destroyed per WHACK-A-BOT day. However, I agree that we only saw a small number of the actual characters / accounts banned.

      August 31, 2018 at 12:58 AM
  • Rob Bobbie

    What’s amazing is the botters were so unaware that they undocked/logged in after the first cleansing.

    August 30, 2018 at 4:52 PM
  • Havish Montak

    Everyone at EvEDublin enjoyed the idea and we requested more executions from the Devs.

    September 3, 2018 at 10:41 AM