Eve Echoes Modules AMA with Netease Highlights


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EVE Echoes, the upcoming mobile version of EVE Online, has seen some definite hype building in recent weeks ahead of its scheduled Q3 2020 release date. While no solid date has been announced as yet, members from the joint CCP/NetEase team working on Echoes have been hosting a number of AMA sessions on the official Echoes Discord server in recent months. In December 2019, developers Melos,  NeroAugustus, and Lancelot discussed aspects of the Ship and Module balance and design for the mobile product.

This is just one of a number of sessions that have been transcribed for Imperium News, and we will continue to bring you EVE Echoes updates as the Echoes dev team share more with the community.


Q: Will ship skins be enabled as well as purchasable?
A: Ship Skins are in our plan, but not in the near future. We still need time to implement them.

Q: Do you think rapid light missiles, [which are] restricted by reload in Eve Online will be problematic to balance in Echoes? Why do missiles get three weapon types [in Echoes] when other turrets-based weapons only get two? Will you un-nerf missiles when ammo comes out?
A: We re-balanced missiles and are also considering a restructure of the ammo system. The missiles will be more balanced when the ammo system comes out.

Q: Why don’t bombers have any mid slots?
A: Bombers are designed to be an attacker but not a tackle. We will consider the possibility of adding mid-slots for them if it’s necessary. Please offer us more feedback on module & ship balance. More modules will be implemented in the future.

Q: Will you be adding secondary weapons or main guns and more diverse drones and weapons and modules?
A: Secondary weapons sound like a great idea! We would like you to offer us more advice on #eve-suggestion channel. Some other modules are also in the works (Damage increase)

Q: Any plan for adding passive modules?
A: Due to the lack of display space, we are unable to present passive modules like how Eve Online does, but we are working on refining our rig to fill the lack of passive modules. So, to answer your question, we won’t add passive modules in the near future.

Q: Why did you change the slots setting?
A: As an Eve Online veteran, I spent years trying to figure out how to fit a ship, and how to navigate mechanics like planetary interaction, deep space and wormholes. Despite years of exploration, I enjoy every second of it. However, I acknowledge that a large number of players are reluctant to do the same as the hardcore Eve online players did. For this reason, I decided to simplify the slot setting to cater to the newcomers. If you have any idea to help us make a better simplification, please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions.

Q: Please copy the Eve PC fitting slot format? It’s tried, tested and balanced.
A: Eve Online’s fittings are too complicated and maybe not good for mobile. In Echoes, we focus on how to make the Eve experience more accessible to newcomers before introducing complex settings.

Q: Mining ships are unable to defend themselves as tiers move up, and this needs to be looked at.
A: To ensure game balance, we won’t add attack functions on mining ships. Therefore, we need to encourage mining ships to flee when encountering enemies. Nonetheless, we will make adjustments to the mining ship’s health bar to grant you sufficient time to escape.

Q: Are there plans to increase the number of slots? Right now it’s hard to create flexible ship fits due to the very limited slots available.
A:We will increase the number of slots in the following updates.

Q: Are the anomaly rats resists the same as Eve Online?
A: The rats and player ship are the same in some dimension. Rats use the same modules that players use. When they’re destroyed, their modules may drop.


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  • Carvj94

    Mining is gonna be cancer if you have to run away whenever something shows up or need to call in a buddy.

    May 10, 2020 at 6:42 AM