Erebus Down in Black Rise


On March 14 at 09:35 EVE time, in the Black Rise system of Vaaralen, a 102.3B ISK Erebus exploded thanks to the combined efforts of Snuffed Out, Project.Mayhem., and Shadow Cartel.

Also known as Voltron, the group jumped the titan with multiple dreadnoughts, super capitals, and black ops battleships after first observing the titan jumping into a lowsec system in their area. SpeedWeed, famed for doomsdaying capitals in the area, also jumped in his Ragnarok and sealed the deal.

Presumably using a suicide cyno, Tagati Kansene cloaked up his titan next to the wreck. Voltron scouts spotted this and waited for the Erebus to make his next move. Instead of using another alternate character to light the cyno in his next system, Tagati used the same alt to travel under the watchful eye of Voltron. Suspecting that he would jump the titan near Tama, fast frigates and heavy interdictors were moved into the systems surrounding the area.

With the trap set, it was time for Tagati to jump his titan over towards Tama. However, something went terribly wrong. As the Erebus decloaked, he should have jumped out immediately, but instead, the titan stayed put, appearing on Voltron’s scanners. Voltron probes gave the warp-in point for the fleet, and ships were brought in to hold him down. With the titan pinned in place,  BLOPs were brought in with a couple of dreadnoughts. Shortly after, more dreadnoughts from Teskanen jumped into the brawl, followed by super carriers and SpeedWeed’s Ragnarok. SpeedWeed used his Gjallarhorn weapon on the Erebus just after the sieged dreads pushed him into armor, quickly finishing the job.

Why didn’t the Erebus jump out? A member of the Voltron fleet said there were rumors that the titan’s secondary cyno near Tama had no Liquid Ozone in his cargohold, but this is not yet confirmed. However, assuming this is true, this would mean that the Erebus initially decloaked to jump out, realized his cyno couldn’t light, and was stuck in space while his re-cloak timer counted down. Some reports also suggest that the titan belonged to Something To Fear, having been recently purchased and moved by a neutral character.

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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