A Dummy’s Guide to Jump Reactivation & Fatigue


With the recent release of Phoebe, the Long Distance Travel Changes have been implemented with only a few minor adjustments from the original proposition. However, despite the huge amount of discussion, devblogs, and patch notes on the subject, some people were still surprised by the changes or left scratching their head as to how it all works.


Phoebe brings two new pilot-specifc timers, Jump Fatigue and Jump Reactivation. Jump Fatigue displays as a blue icon and is accrued every time you jump, either set to a minimum of 10 x (1 + (LY traveled)) minutes, or your current Fatigue in minutes multiplied by (1 + (LY traveled)). The Jump Fatigue timer counts down in real time, is not affect by TiDi, and cannot be avoided by jumping clones or dying. How much Fatigue you have accumulated is displayed in the timer’s tooltip in big, blue numbers, as emphasised by the red outline above.


The second timer is Jump Reactivation. Also known as Jump Cooldown, this appears as a orange-red icon. While this timer is active, you may not jump to a cyno or take a jump bridge. Remember, red is bad and this timer can get you killed. The duration of a pilot’s Jump Reactivation timer is displayed on its tooltip in big orange-red numbers, as emphasised above.

These two timers interact in meaningful ways. The Jump Reactivation timer is equal to the pre-jump Fatigue in minutes divided by 10 or 1 + (LY traveled) minutes, whichever is greater. As a convenience, if you already have Fatigue, the Jump Fatigue tooltip will show a second number at the bottom indicating the expected Jump Reactivation timer should you make a jump at that time, as highlighted below.


The UI implementation is far from perfect. The two numbers on the Jump Fatigue tooltip are coloured the same way and this seems to be causing confusion; it might have made sense to colour the expected Jump Reactivation number in the same orange-red as its own tooltip, at the risk of being confused with the actual Jump Reactivation timer. Also, there is no indication of post-jump Fatigue value, nor is any information available if you’re jumping with no Fatigue as you have no timer to hover over. This is possibly because both values are distance-sensitive and thus must be tied to the jump command, for which tooltips might be awkward.

That said, the math under these circumstances is not particularly hard. The Jump Reactivation timer after a 0-fatigue jump is always going to be 1 + (LY traveled) traveled and Jump Fatigue will be 10x that number. If you have non-trivial Jump Fatigue, Jump Fatigue after a jump will be current Jump Fatigue x (1 + (LY traveled)). All other numbers are provided by the UI and, once the purpose of and associated numbers for the two timers is understood, there should be no unpleasant surprises.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Danikov, and originally appeared on TheMittani.com under his byline.)

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