Drifter attack at Safizon


In a sudden turn of events, Drifters yet again engaged the Amarr Navy with an unprovoked attack. Amarr forces requested any and all assistance to beat back this threat. Many capsuleers came to offer whatever assistance they could after Imperial Navy Commander Ren Karetta implored for help in repelling enemy forces. Some sad losses occured in the hastily put together defense force. Some brave pilots sacrificed their ships and crew, among them, Vilhyin Auffrie and Mulkrin Sekris, the latter a loyal pilot of the Sixth Empire who heard the call to arms to defend the Amarr Empire from this outrageous act of violence.

Naturally, we at the TMC made sure to rush observers┬áto the system to document the event in order to ensure the population of New Eden get news as it happens. This is the second drifter incursion in two weeks. Many questions are left unanswered. Is there any connection to a┬árecent Amarr Navy press release concerned the Empress Jamyl Sarum I’s new flagship? Is there technology on board that ship which it should not have? Are the Drifters trying to protect something?

TMC will be keeping very close eyes on the situation as it unfolds.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Feiryred.


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