Dev Post | Titan changes coming in the October release


This morning CCP Fozzie released news of pending changes slated for the October release, which will change the behavior of titan-class starships. The player-led Council of Stellar Management was a primary mover in the impetus for these changes. This is likely in response to the extreme proliferation of titan use in bloc-level fights and Keepstar clearing.

The changes are two-fold: first, the removal of area of effect damage associated with the death of a titan. Second, an extension of the time required for titans to re-tether to a structure after firing their doomsday weapon.

Area of Effect Death Damage for Titans

Under the current mechanics, when a titan dies it releases an AoE damage effect; 200,000 damage in a 10 kilometer radius. CCP Fozzie cites a slight performance increase by the effect’s removal, as it creates a small amount of server load. The effect will be trimmed to decrease the impact of having large numbers of titans on field.

A request to remove the effect was actually posted to Reddit two months ago in a thread which saw 95 replies. While no CCP developer responded to the thread, Fozzie adds, “and since the death AoE feature does not serve a very important gameplay role we believe that in balance it’s a worthwhile idea to cut the feature.”

Titan Doomsday Cool-down to Affect Tethering

The other change increases the re-tether delay to five minutes for titans that have fired their doomsday weapons. This falls in line with the current mechanic preventing titans from jumping, docking or cloaking during this cool-off period. This is in response to an issue where titans were able to re-tether if their target died immediately. CCP Fozzie was careful to declare that this is not a change made to benefit server performance. This is purportedly a pure balance change.

What is unclear is whether titans will see delays introduced when using phenomena generators. This comes as an interesting omission as CCP Fozzie was the one who originally posted about their inclusion in the game back in 2016. For reference, phenomena generators are modules which – like doomsday weapons – can only be fit to a titan and require fuel to fire, potentially affect large numbers of ships and can change the shape of fleet battles.

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  • I never even knew titan explosions did damage.

    September 27, 2018 at 3:05 AM
    • Carvj94 Ganthrithor

      Well when there are 1000+ ships on grid and any number of things that can be dealing damage to you it can be easy to overlook/forget.

      September 27, 2018 at 4:25 AM
      • When there are 1000+ ships on grid, I ain’t one of them. I fucking hate fleet fights. I had my fill of that stupid shit back in 07-09 😀

        September 27, 2018 at 5:15 AM
    • Garreth Vlox Ganthrithor

      many layers believed that the AOE explosion feature was behind a lot of the disconnects in both UALX and X-47 as many players did not start disconnecting until after the first titans had been killed and as each new titan was killed there was a fresh wave of lag and disconnects. Its nice to see them finally pull the plug on a mechanic that never really affected the fights but caused a huge load on the server.

      September 27, 2018 at 7:05 PM