DARKNESS. lose 20 Billion to ‘Elite Space-Coalition’ in Delve


DARKNESS. ally Dangerous Voltage (DV) has lost the system of 8F-TK3 to ‘Elite Space-Coaltion’ members, Confederation of xXPIZZAXx, EON Alliance and Vox Populi.

In the hours shortly after Downtime on the 27th of May, DARKNESS. (DARK) allies, Dangerous Voltage (DV) formed a Loki Fleet against Vox Populi (VOX) for the final station timer of 8F-TK3. According to wheniaminspace, FC for PIZZA and EON’s Ishtar Fleet, Vox Populi engaged DV first in the system of UEXO-Z. PIZZA was awaiting DARK. to form, and were camping their staging system.

Upon receiving some information that DARK was forming, the PIZZA Ishtar Fleet bridged to 8F-TK3 to aid VOX in bashing the station. Meanwhile, DV regrouped with the recently formed DARKNESS and The Kadeshi (THOR) Legion/Loki fleet that was in-route to contest the station timer.

Due to the late form-up of the DARK./THOR/DV T3 Fleet, PIZZA and VOX were able to set up the perfect trap, with PIZZA Ishtars at range and VOX Proteii sitting directly on top of the 9O-8W1 gate in 8F-TK3, the only route DARK. had to enter the system. Upon DARKNESS.’s ingress, VOX lit a cyno and jumped two triage Archons into the system while PIZZA Praetor II’s descended upon the DARKNESS. Legions like a storm from the heavens. According to wheniaminspace, “They (T3’s) were dying as soon as the drones touched them.”

After the vast majority of DARK./THOR forces were destroyed, PIZZA dropped a Moros and two Phoenix-class dreadnoughts onto the strategic objectives and finished grinding them. Sovereignty in the system fell at 13:49 as the Dangerous Voltage TCU was destroyed, marking this both a strategic and moral victory for PIZZA and VOX.

With the loss of 8F-TK3, Dangerous Voltage no longer owns any sovereignty in this region, and PIZZA plans to hand the entire constellation of LSC-4P over to Vox Populi.

TMC has reached out to DARKNESS. FC Vlade Randal, but has not yet received a response.

UPDATE: The original text of this article indicated that the system was formerly held by Darkness., not Dangerous Voltage. This has been corrected.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Kristoff Merkas.

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