CSM Drama: CSMX Asks for Resignation of Member


The tenth Council of Stellar Management is set to lose another member after CSM member Jayne Fillion asked for the resignation of fellow CSM member Gorga on Twitter. This comes less than a month after corebloodbrothers resigned his position on CSM X. If Gorga steps down, this would mark the highest turnover in CSM history.

Jayne Fillion goes on to explain in other tweets that the decision to ask for his resignation was unanimous among the CSM members. When asked why they don’t just vote him out of the CSM, Jayne explains that at the present moment, CCP and the CSM do not have a formal way of removing a member of the CSM. Though unusual, this is not the first time a member has been requested to leave and voluntarily left; back in 2012, The Mittani found himself in a similar situation, though due to different circumstances. Gorga has yet to publicly respond to the request.

To add fuel to the fire, CSM member Corbexx released a Google Doc spreadsheet with individual CSM member attendance. While the numbers indicate that Gorga has attended some of the meetings, the general consensus stands that Gorga has not been involved enough to continue with the CSM. And while certain CSM members don’t look too favorable themselves with this attendance log, with some members only single digit attendance to the meetings, several CSM members have come out saying that attendance to the meetings doesn’t necessarily show their worth on the CSM. The biggest complaint against Gorga being that he has not attended or contributed in the last 12 consecutive meetings.

With the weight of the CSM members behind the removal request, the general public seems to have been swayed against Gorga. Whether Gorga resigns, or even responds at this point is up in the air, as is the possibility of CCP forming a policiy on the removal inactive members. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the issues facing the tenth CSM.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Set’s Chaos.

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