Co2/Test Dreadnoughts blobbed by NC/MC/PL Titans in IHub Defense


Fighting broke out earlier today, October 17 at 1800 UTC between former Money Badger Coalition-mates when Circle-Of-Two <CO2> and Test Alliance Please Ignore <TEST> joined forces against Mercenary Coalition <MC>, Northern Coalition. <NC>, and Pandemic Legion <-10.0> in the Tribute region. The battle took place in F-7490, where MC, NC, and PL engaged CO2 and TEST in an effort to destroy the system’s Infrastructure Hub owned by CO2. Although CO2 and TEST managed to successfully defend the IHub, they were severely beaten on the ISK war side of things, having suffered a cool 114b in losses to the aggressor’s 14b in losses. Check out the battle report here.

PL started things off by bringing in some Apocalypse Navy Issues, backed up by NC’s Machariel fleet and MC’s Cerberus fleet, but were eventually joined by an impressive array of supercarriers and titans from both PL and NC as the IHub timer began to run out. Meanwhile, CO2 fielded about a dozen Dreadnoughts, supported by Proteus’ and Legions, as well as a healthy serving of Svipuls from TEST. CO2 and TEST put up a valiant effort in the defense of their IHub, and were repaid for their efforts thereafter by PL and NC dropping a bunch of Titans on them and vaporizing all 13 defending Dreadnoughts. The heaviest loss of the battle was a 3.5b Naglfar piloted by shutpandshave.

Tensions continue to brew between the former MBC alliances, but it’s hard to predict how intense the hositilities may get.

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  • Bill McDonough

    Definitely worth keeping an eye on the developments up north!

    October 18, 2016 at 2:28 AM