Cloud Ring Brawl Claims 45 Billion


In Cloud Ring on December 28 at 21:00 in DY-F70, a combined force of Psychotic Tendencies (TISHU), Omega Security Syndicate (OSS), The-Culture (-T C-), and Suddenly Spaceships (CYN0), collectively referred to as “Famco”, engaged an Imperium fleet over a money moon belonging to The Culture. Famco managed to inflict the most damage during the engagement, though the Imperium succeeded in reinforcing The Cultures tower.

The Imperium fielded a fleet of Rattlesnakes supported by triage Chimeras and dreadnoughts. The opposition force, Famco, formed a fleet primarily consisting of faction armor battleships, supported by triage Archons and a substantial amount of dreadnoughts.

The fight began as soon as the Famco fleet arrived on grid, with the entirety of the Famco dreadnoughts and support triage coming in shortly after the sub capital fleet warped in. This delay between the arrivals of the Famco subcapital fleet and their supporting triage allowed the sheer DPS from the Imperium’s Rattlesnakes to chew through a few of the Machariels in the Famco fleet.

Once the Famco triage entered the field, the Famco fleet was able to begin tanking the incoming damage. While the Imperium fleet had dreadnoughts of its own, a majority of these had already exited the field, leaving only three dreadnoughts to support the Rattlesnake fleet. These dreadnoughts quickly became targets for the dreadnoughts of the Famco fleet, and were wiped from the field within minutes of the beginning of the fight.

The Imperium Chimeras followed their dreadnoughts in quickly falling to the massive damage from the Famco dreadnought wing, leaving the Rattlesnake fleet bubbled and without sufficient logi. While the Imperium Rattlesnakes had managed to bloody the Famco fleet, losing the Chimeras allowed the dreadnoughts from Famco to begin volleying the Imperium Rattlesnakes from the field.

With sustained bubbling blocking the Imperium fleet from withdrawing in an orderly manner, the result was a rout as Imperium Rattlesnakes attempted to break free and escape.

At the end of the engagement, a total of 46 billion ISK was lost, with the Imperium taking 38.42 billion ISK in damages and inflicting 6.46 billion ISK’s worth of destruction in return on the Famco fleet.

TMC would like to thank Spring HeeledJack, Cephei Kells, and Lazlow Jones for their contributions to this article.

Additional images from this fight can be found here, courtesy of Lazlow Jones.

Update: The title has been corrected, and thanks to new information, the third paragraph has been updated.

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