CCP Weekly Wrap Up: November 2-9 2020


Header art by Cryo Huren

Welcome to the second installment of Week in Review, where we catch you up on the major CCP news items of the previous week. Last week’s update was a big one, so while this one is smaller, there’s still several interesting things going on that you won’t want to miss.

November 3 Mass Test on Singularity

The second mass test of the new Supercarrier Tactical Capsuleer Recloner took place on Tuesday, November 3. The Supercarrier Tactical Capsuleer Recloner is a new module for supercarriers which will allow pilots to respawn right on the battlefield. The recloner comes along with other balance changes to supercarriers aimed at further delineating them from other ships.

Status Briefing: Ecosystem Update

Over on the CCP Twitch, CCP Psych and CCP Rattati talked with Brave FC Alexis Finch and Goonswarm FC Dawn Rhea on November 4th. Discussion centered around the new Dynamic Bounty System (DBS) and Encounter Surveillance System (ESS). Both of these systems are now available for testing on the Singularity Test Server.

EVE Pulse

A new EVE Pulse episode aired on November 6, covering the Jita Renovation, the ESS changes, and updates to the Pochven Region. Also, the Alliance Open Tournament will take place this weekend on November 14th and 15th. The tournament has a 700 billion ISK prize pool and is hosted by EVE NT. Catch the tournament over on the EVE NT Twitch!

Triglavian Invasion Update

As the new EVE Pulse episode notes, updates were made to the new Triglavian region of Pochven. Wormholes now more consistently connect to the region and filaments leading inside them are more easy to find. Additionally, the standings gained from the previously announced exploit with rogue drones have been reverted.

Art of EVE Livestream

On Tuesday November 10th at 14:30 UTC, CCP Convict will be hosting a livestream with CCP Myrkur, CCP BlueScreen, CCP Jorg, and CCP BunnyVirus about the art of New Eden. Expect to see some information about the new Jita 4-4 Station, Proving Grounds environments, and the new supercarriers. They also hint that there may be some never-before-seen concept art being revealed. Finally, CCP is promising to start off with what they describe as “a New Eden motor show of galactic proportions.” Make sure to catch it from the beginning! You can find the livestream over on the CCP Twitch.

The End

That’s all the news that was fit to print this week! Until next time, fly safe.

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