CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: December 8-14, 2020


Header art by Cryo Huren

From a small update last week to a big update this week. Lots going on out there. Pay special attention to the section about the Winter Nexus as there are a ton of things to cover!

Japanese Localization Now Live

EVE Online is now fully localized into Japanese. CCP was able to accomplish this with the help of the Japanese EVE community as well as CCP’s own localization partners. A fireworks show, streamed on CCPTV, was broadcast on December 8 and 12, along with interviews and conversations with leaders of the Japanese community. Great work to all those who helped make this project a reality!

Zakura Starter Packs

In celebration of the new Japanese localization, CCP has released the Zakura Starter Packs, which will be available, once per account, until 11:00 UTC on January 26, 2021. The Galactic, Solar, and Lunar Zakura packs come with PLEX, SKINs, Omega time, and skill points. The SKINs are pretty cool looking, so you collectors out there should think about picking them up.

Winter Nexus

With the arrival of the holiday season, several festive events will take place in EVE Online. From December 10 to January 5, you can login and receive daily login rewards with the 13 Days of Nexus event. You need to log in at least 13 days in the time period to claim all the rewards, which include SKINs, skill points, fireworks and apparel, plus some Quafe Zero, Cerebral Accelerators, and filaments.

Volatile Ice Storms will also travel across New Eden, bringing environmental effects and special Wightstorm combat, hacking, and even ice mining sites. There are many rewards for these sites, but look out for blueprints for the new Rapture pirate implant set! Watch out though, as the descriptions seem to hint that the new NPCs of the Wightstorm Fleet might be using the advanced combat AI!

There will also be two special Abyssal Proving Grounds during Winter Nexus. The first is a team free-for-all with four teams of two, featuring T1 destroyers. The event will run from December 18 to 22. The second will be 3v3 T1 frigates going from January 1 to 5.

Chilling Spree

If all of the above isn’t enough, the Chilling Spree returns. This time, though, you get points for hitting other capsuleers and NPCs with snowballs. You can get up to 5,000 skill points a day from December 10 to January 5. Make sure to get your snowballs from the 13 Days of Nexus login event. 

Yoiul Star SKINs

The Yoiul Star SKINs return from last year, but CCP is adding the Brutix, Buzzard, Deimos, Hel, Minokawa, Providence, Retribution, and Typhoon. These skins are special and will slowly charge up from December 12 until developing fully on Yoiul Day (Christmas Day, December 25).

Winter Nexus Stream

CCP hosted a Winter Nexus Stream on December 11 that featured CCP Fozzie and CCP Signal talking about the Yoiul season. If you missed it, check it out here.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Rifter…

That’s it for this week folks. Make sure to check out all the holiday events going around New Eden and pick up some of those sweet sweet skill points, limited edition items, and SKINs. Also, try to lob a few snowballs at each other and any new Japanese space friends who are joining their vanguard brethren.

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