CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: December 22-28


Header art by Cryo Huren

13 Days of Nexus

EVE Online’s end of year celebration, the 13 Days of Nexus, continues with log-in prizes available daily until January 5. Make sure to log in to get some freebies like SKINs, skill points, fireworks, and character apparel. Alpha pilots can expect up to 80,000 SP, while Omega pilots will get an additional 250,000.

Limited Time Offers from the New Eden Store

While the 15% Off Omega sale ended on December 26, a 50% sale on three Months of Omega and three months Multiple Character Training is still going until January 4. Make sure to stock up if you need the Omega time.

EVE Pulse – End of Year Special

A new episode of EVE Pulse has dropped, acting as a year in review for what has no doubt been one of the most memorable years in recent history (to put it politely). While 2020 has been a rolling dumpster fire (sometimes with literal dumpster fires) out in the real world, New Eden has been much more hospitable. Check out the episode if you would like to relive it.


That’ll be it for this year folks. Next time you see an update from this space, it will be 2021, with a history that remains to be written. Time will tell if 2021 will be as interesting as 2020 has been. We’ll see you on the other side.

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