CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: April 27- May 03 2021


Header art by Cryo Huren

Another week, another wrap-up. Just a couple things to get to this week so let’s jump right in.

Project Discovery Webby Award

As mentioned last week, Project Discovery has been nominated for a “Webby Award,” which I had never heard of until last week, but it has apparently been going on for 25 years. You can vote now and help ensure a win for Project Discovery in the Best Public Service, Activism, and Social Impact Game category. I think Project Discovery is certainly worthy of a win, so go to that link and vote.

Foundation – New Quadrant

Starting May 4th (the day this article drops) EVE Online will enter the “Foundation” Quadrant. Foundation will focus on the pride of the four Empires as well as the collective pride in sending EVE into the third decade. Also, the “Capsuleer Day” celebrations will be running from May 6-18, 2021 and will feature log-in campaigns, SKINs, and events.

Not only that, but the Foundation Quadrant will feature some things that we all may not have been expecting – new gates in Empire, a rework to make Pochven more accessible, a “significant” revamp of the Jita 4-4 station interior, and a new 3D Aura. Last but not least, the long awaited ESS Reserve Bank keys will be coming available later in the quadrant, which is sure to make a lot of people filthy freaking rich. Definitely an exciting time.

Adios Amigos

Sayōnara, Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Arrivederci, Bye Bye, Dueces.

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