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A Holiday in Pochven

Shocku 2021-09-09

The Labor Day sun streamed in the window as I squinted at my monitor, twiddling with the menus to turn the brightness up as I couldn’t see a dang thing in this new place I’d filamented into.  After 13 months…

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Triglavian Aligned Players Burn Pochven

Gwailar 2021-06-18

On Wednesday, June 16, a coalition of Triglavian alliances representing 1200 pilots released a statement of their intention to burn their own Citadels in an act of protest against CCP and the current state of Pochven. In an EVE Mail…

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CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: April 27- May 03 2021

Undeadenemy 2021-05-04

Another week, another wrap-up. Just a couple things to get to this week so let’s jump right in. Project Discovery Webby Award As mentioned last week, Project Discovery has been nominated for a “Webby Award,” which I had never heard…