At 1600 UTC on December 20, CCP took to Facebook to livestream an announcement of the dates for 2019’s CCP-supported EVE player meets. Anyone wishing to see the video can find it here, and CCP has posted a direct transcript as an article here. Facebook is a curious platform to use for announcements of this sort – in recent months and years, CCP has tended to prefer Twitch for their livestreamed announcements and events. INN speculation suggests this might be the influence of CCP’s newer Social Media Coordinators.

The announcement was a quick stream, lasting roughly 7 minutes in total and providing the barest of details for CCP’s fanfest-esque events in 2019. That said, dates for each event were announced, and INN received a press release with some additional location details for a number of meets:

Amsterdam: 23-24 March – The Compagnietheater
St. Petersburg: 4 May – The Akakao Bar
Sydney: 23-26 May – The SMC Centre
Toronto: 21-23 June – The Delta Marriot
Finland (Fanfest Home): August 23 – N/A
Berlin: September 23-24 – The Alte Muenze
Las Vegas: October 25-27 – The Flamingo
London: November 23 – indigo at The O2

These dates are now locked in and happening. Any players looking to attend any of these meets should note that the “Fanfest Home” event is not open to players looking to travel. Fanfest Home is an event hosted by CCP where they will take Fanfest to the chosen player’s home, and livestream a one-day event from that location.

Most of these meetups are CCP-supported extensions of the player-hosted meets we all know and love, so (in theory) they can only be better this time round. Tickets for all of these meets should be available on January 15, and according to the press release, there will be some early-bird discounts and deals for those of you knowing exactly where your parties are happening in 2019, so be ready to get spending!

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