Design us a new way to Welp

mistwarden 2018-12-19

Art by Redline XIII

One of the most laid back and easy going squads is the Welp squad. Their approach to gameplay is to fly cheap ships with effective fittings which insure well, then head out seeking fights that often mean total destruction for themselves. Their aim is to extract as much damage as possible, such as killing ratting carriers, Rorquals, and waves of hostile fleets as they scramble to counter. The main advantage is that the Welp squad often hands out ships for ops as well as providing SRP, meaning that new and low-skilled players receive cheap ships and free ISK for taking part in PVP activity.

To help players understand their chance of surviving within a Welp squad fleet, there are three different levels of welp: green, which means “most likely coming back”; yellow implies a 50/50 chance of returning; and red, which means you might as well self destruct now. Fleets range from kitchen sink ranges to destroyers and other well tried and tested doctrines. The squad also welcomes new ideas and new players who wish to try their hand at FCing a small fleet.  This helps new FCs gain experience in a not-very-stressful environment. Finally, Welp squad is great for learning how to hunt down targets. They provide a guide on how you can scout out a kill and help provide content. There are fittings and step-by-step guides provided.

 You may have you looked at their fleet compositions, the loadout, the numbers, and the FC and thought to yourself, “I could do a better job at all this myself!” Well, you are in luck as Welp Squad has the competition for you.

You have to be a member of the group, so this competition is only open to Imperium members. Your task is to brew a fleet with a budget of 1 Billion ISK. What will it be? An all-Alpha fleet, maybe? An ECCM madness fleet? A logi-drones-only DPS fleet? All ideas are welcome for this competition. The winner receives the chance to FC their fleet with the help of Welp Squad seasoned FCs as well as a 500m ISK prize, as long as the budget is fully spent.

All members of the fleet that fail to welp will be able to keep their ship. SRP is provided at “shitstack” levels, meaning everyone wins. All fleet brews should be posted as a reply to the forum thread which can be found here. If you are not a member of Welp squad, you can apply here. Welp Squad has a low skill entry—you simply need to be able to click a button to join.

Fleet brews must be posted no later than the 23rd of December by DT, with the winner being picked after DT that day. The winner will also be required to take their fleet out by the 6th of January DT. Good luck to all entries and INN looks forward to seeing the winner’s battle report.

If you run a SIG or squad and have something cool planned and wish to share it with the wider Imperium, get in touch on the INN discord where we will help share your plan with the world.

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