Burn Amarr Postscript: The Prodigal Returns


Back in March, TMC reported on the theft of 250b ISK in assets from Goonswarm’s Ministry of Love. The theft was carried out by Globby, an up-and-coming star in Miniluv who sought to repay a debt owed to Black Legion’s DogofWarr by getting him the top spot on Reddit. Globby also relocated his characters into Black Legion following the theft, citing their “strong and mature culture,” and attributing his burnout largely to anti-gank groups.

This weekend, however, Globby left Origin., Black Legion’s central corporation, and joined The Conference Elite, one of the corporations of the CODE alliance. CODE, a group notorious in High Security Space for harassing miners and haulers with both ganks and bumping tactics, coordinated activities with Miniluv during Burn Amarr, attacking freighters and others who opted to avoid Amarr and travel onward to Jita instead. Those activities, including ganking fleets run by Globby, took place mostly in the nigh-lowsec pipeline systems along the primary trade route, and were labelled ‘Unrest in Uedama’ on the official Ministry of Love killboards.

In addition to returning to ganking activities with the Miniluv-affiliated CODE, Globby has made an attempt to repay much of what was stolen. According to Warr Akini of Miniluv, Globby initially returned 100b in ISK paid directly, and was instructed to give any additional repayment to Loyalanon of The Conference Elite. While it is unknown how much of the remaining 150b ISK taken will find its way to CODE’s coffers, TMC has obtained the following screenshot, which appears to indicate that at least some additional remuneration has been made.

Unconfirmed sources indicated to TMC that Globby’s departure from BL and return to ganking activities came from general boredom with ‘sov life’, rather than any personal issue with his alliance-mates. When reached for comment, Warr Akini seemed to be glad that Globby had returned to ganking, saying Globby had been, “pretty mopey after the fact, and a lot of us saw him burning straight out of eve”.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Arrendis.

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